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What happened to The Middle Man?

Asked by tehrani625 (405points) February 5th, 2009

The Middle Man was a show on ABC and I guess they killed it. I got up to episode nine. So I thought I would ask if anyone had any thoughts on this show.

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Geico eliminated him.

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Geico, eliminating the middleman so you don’t have to.

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That was such a kick-ass show – every episode was like an encyclopedia of funny references. Like the sci-fi Arrested Development… too awesome for it’s own good to last for more than a few seasons.

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@artificialard I agree it reminds me of firefly. Both great sci-fi shows that died an early death. Although Firefly has a huge fan base even here in fluther. I think we should petition ABC.

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Petitions hardly ever work. But I do agree, The middleman was a AWESOME show! I miss it. :( Anyone know who played Wendy Watsons hot room mate?

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