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Which 14-year old Dutch boy is turning 15 today?

Asked by klaas4 (2194points) February 5th, 2009

Hihi, it’s my birthday today. Yay!

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Happy birthday, Dutch boy!
Hope you do a celebratory wooden-clogs dance!

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Happy Birthday to youuuuuuuuuu! Enjoy your day! ;o)

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Happy birthday! :D

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Happy b-day little man. You are wise for someone so young.

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Happy Birthday and many more. :o)

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Happiest of Birthdays klaas4! Hope you get everything you ask for!

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I hope my MacBook Pro arrives today. :P
Thanks for the congrats, all!

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Happy Birthday!

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Happy birthday mushroom! :)

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Davey, what?!? I can’t believe it, when I first met you you were 13, now 15 already?! Awesome! Hope your b-day is going great, and if you do get that MacBook, I’m sure it will be!. Cheers!

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Love your paints.

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Happy birthday, kiddo! :)

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Happy Birthday!! You’re no longer the youngest jelly.

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Do you feel any older?

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Happy Birthday :)

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Happy Birthday!

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Happy Birthday!!!!!

Or as they say In your fluther:


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Have a happy, happy birthday, Davey! Keep on flutherin’!

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Woohoo!!! Happy Birthday!!! :)

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@klaas4 – Happy Birthday!

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Happy Birthday, Toad! :)

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So does that mean drivers permit soon? Is it the same there as the U.S.?

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Thanks all!

@Bri_L: sadly, no. I can get my drivers license (only) from 18. damn :P

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WOW! that is a bit later eh? Well hang in there. One year closer.

Happy Bday again!

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Tillukku við føðingardegnum!! :)
Happy Birthday!!

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you can say that again!

because I sure can’t.

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@Bri_L: car license is 18, scooter’s 16. But I don’t want a scooter ;)

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@klaas4 – is there a good bus system there? There must be eh?

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@Bri_L: Yeah there is, but I usually go by bike.

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@klaas4 – much better for you! good deal!

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Davey; Is it possible that another year has sped by? Amazing. Hope that all’s well. Best birthday (and the other 364 days) wishes.

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Congratulations birthday boy ! did you get your special package from Apple yet ?

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No, I didn’t sadly. :(
I hope this week.

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Happy Birthday!!
my present is giving you a bit of lurve.

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Hihi, thanks! :D

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gave ya some more, now that i can. :D

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Hey, how many times are you gonna turn 15? Is this some kinda dutch thing?

Just kidding. I usually make my birthday celebration last a week. My wife is a vegetarian so it is the only time I get to eat a whole bunch of stuff.

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I hate it. People embarrass me. I have only had a birthday party when I was 5.
That’s it. Maybe when I was young, but I hadn’t even a cell of commonsense or anything.

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happy 2 day late birthday ((:

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