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What are the top 3 things you wanna do before you die?

Asked by cyrusbond (384points) February 5th, 2009 from iPhone

Name the 3 things you wanna do before you die. This could include anything. From seeing Ireland, to having children. GO!

Oh and mine are:

1— Run in the Iditarod.
2— Have a son.
3— Build a 36ft. Sailboat from scratch.

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1. Go Skydiving
2. Get my Bachelor’s Degree
3. See the Taj Mahal

These choices aren’t THE top 3 but they all have a lot of merit.

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1) Have some fun.
2) Travel across Europe on a Train (london to rome, at least)
3) Get Married

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I want to learn to surf, travel the world, and write an autobiography.

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1. swim with sharks (yes even a cage dive wtih a great whites)
2. have my own family
3. visit hawaii

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Run a marathon.
Serve in the Peace Corps overseas.
Get a doctorate.

course, keeping my expectations realistic, I’d also settle for get laid, watch the entire Godfather trilogy, and graduate within five years.

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1. Build the house of my dreams hopefully i’ll marry an architect ;o)
2. Take flying lessons
3. Go to Walden Pond and read Thoreau while drifting in a canoe

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Graduate College
Get out of debt
Have a family

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Oh, and my alternates:
1— Build a self sufficent cabin in the Rockies.
2— Obtain my piolits liscense.
3— Climb a mountain of at least 8000 meters.

Sorry, I had to add these :P

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Ok well I don’t want to limit myself to 3 but those are the realistic ones, heres the ones I want to happen but probably won’t:
1) Have some-what well known art work
2) Travel, a lot
3) Find inner-peace

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Learn to fly
Travel to Europe
Build a time machine

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Yeah, maybe 3 was a low number…it’s kinda neat how most people have a interpersonal goal, a outdoor goal, and a family goal (intrapersonal)...Cool.

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@cyrusbond I hope you get to build the self sufficient cabin in the rockies or the 36 ft. sail boat because to those sound like awesome projects with amazingly great end products. Cool goals and I hope at least one works out for you!

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1) Hand the nurse a fifty.

2) Unplug the machines.

3) Insert my schlong into her…

What?! Oh. You didn’t mean right before I die?!

oops, sorry

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@cprevite Yes! LOL. Impressive.

@madcapper Well, the way I see it I’ve got a 50/50 shot for all of them. Either I will or I won’t lol. You’ll definatly get all of yours as long as you try man. The debt is going to be the hardest part!

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@cprevite wouldn’t you want to insert before you pulled the plug?

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@cyrusbond hahaha isn’t that the truth!

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@cprevite. Definitely make sure that you insert before dying because then you can have the pleasure of coming while you’re going, right?

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@tennesseejac Well I’m assuming I’ll have about a 3 minute lag time before it all goes kaput.

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@Bluefreedom a BA in what? And why?

@annielorena swimming with the sharks may be the last thing you do, but cool nonetheless.

@KrystaElyse Walden pond is kinda overpopulated from what it once was…Check out Ely Minnesota and go from there. There’s lakes up there that no human has ever seen.

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1) look at Earth from space
2) surf one of those big wave
3) swim next to a whale shark

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@cyrusbond. Probably in history. That has always been one of my most favorite subjects in school and I just find all the different aspects of history fascinating.

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@Bluefreedom You can’t know where youre going till you know where you’ve been, right? I’ve always been into ancient history, but past that, my intrest starts to dissapear.

@KrystaElyse Theres a few good guide services up in Ely, or you can just rent a canoe and set off on your on. PM me if you’re interested in the contact info. I used to guide up there, so I’ve still got a couple good contacts.

@peyton_farquhar A Doctrate in what?

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@cyrusbond if everything works out the way I’d like it to, it’d be in Aeronautical engineering.
I’ve always wanted to say “rocket science” when people ask me what I do for a living

seriously, am i just ugly? won’t anybody hit this?

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Become a mom
Travel to the Maldives
Buy a plane

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1. Visit Malta and Iceland (does this count as two? nevermind)
2. Have a son (this is my dad’s wish, not mine. I’m quite happy with my daughter)

that’s about it I guess, done everything else

oh ok:
3. tidy up all those old songs and somehow digitalise them (like scan them or something) so I can put them in my computer. Been at it for more than a decade.

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1. Get my BA
2. Join Navy – Become Lieutenant Commander
3. Have job in the CIA

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First i;Put good music on.Second is walk away,Third is Have a drink with my brother…

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Become a published author.

Eat all of my vegetables.

Bring back the mullet.

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Have a home on a certain small island I’m infatuated with;
Spend a couple of months in Italy, finishing the novel I started writing a long time ago;
Live to see my children happy in their adult lives.
At the right time, some grandchildren would be a bonus too!

BTW: You all have amazing and interesting goals – I hope you get to achieve them! And @cprevite, I’m sure yours would be fine as long as your family had left the room! ;P

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@bythebay: Perhaps it’s my wife dressed as the nurse. ;^)

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@cprevite: Well in that case – may all your wishes come true!

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See my children become good adults.
Start the business I discussed here before I get too old to do it.
Write the damn book!

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Write a novel
Have a summer cottage in Maine
Have grandchildren who love me and want to visit me

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Make movies
Move to the UK
Travel the world (and if there’s time, some space travel would be nice, too)

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Surf a big wave (and to actually crowd surf once would be great)
Be able to read and speak Spanish fluently
Kayak as much of Puget Sound as possible
Set foot on all the continents
Finish writing that novel (including the editing)
Owe nothing to anyone (including having my house paid off)
Spoil a grandchild rotten (not with stuff, but with experience)
Make my own guitars
Finish my reading list (never gonna happen so I have to live forever :^> )

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Visit New Zealand.
Own a house on the south shore of Lake Superior.
Become the female equivalent to Ansel Adams.

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significantly contribute to society/save the world
have a nice/happy family (excellent husband + kiddos)
watch “Wrath of Kahn”

I figure that I can’t die without seeing that movie, so I’m not going to watch it. I’ll be immortal. If I do die before hand my sould with wrestlessly wonder the earth and that’s kind of like being alive. When I’ve had enough I can watch it and go in peace.

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A) get my pilot’s license.
B) skydiving over a body of water.
C) live in sydney for a year or two.


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I’m not certain that I can narrow all of the things I want to do down to a list of just three. Before today, I probably would have said that I just want to make it through life and I’d be satisfied. But now, I want to travel Europe, get married, live in my dream house (A historical house, perhaps a money-pit, but I want my house to have a story), and inspire my future art students, and to create a work of art that really MEANS something. My list is so much longer than that, but I can’t narrow it. But even if I don’t get to everything on my list, I am determined to take risks, even ones that might be considered stupid, just so that I can experience as much as I am capable of.

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@veronasgirl: Yeah, my list is a whole helluva lot longer, too. The important thing is that we get to as much of our lists as possible. Cheers and best wishes to ya.

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1. taking over the company i work for and gain true financial freedom- “being able to say ‘no’ without having to give a reason”.

2. learning to trust people. my paranoia’s always served me well in life, but it doesn’t lead to a particularly enjoyable experience.

3. sleep with more than 2 women simultaneously.

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it would be :

a) crash a wedding, get drunk, partied all night long.
b) spending time with my family and friends, in the beach and have a long walks.
c) travel around the world alone, or with my beloved boyfriend.

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1 Get married
2 Raise my own baby
3 Do something i thought i would never do

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More travel
More travel
More travel

The rest, been there done that! lol

Oh…you guys must take a hot air balloon ride too! Amazing..especially with champagne at sunrise! Woo Hoo!

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1. Take a vacation with my love. A real vacation that’s a week or more, the kind I read about in magazines where a couple goes out of the country just for themselves and not to visit relatives, entertain kids or anything to do with work.

2. Make a home with my love. I want one where we live, what we choose for our furnishings, artwork, everything reflects both our wants and tastes. I’ve been holding onto minimalism in order to make way for this.

3 Grow old not alone and not afraid.

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Spend 20— hours-plus seeing Wagner’s entire Rings cycle!

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See the Egyptian Pyramids.
Have first child.
Meet a famous celebrity…have too many to mention
Play at Carnegie Hall (I play piano)

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1. Go for sky and sea diving.
2. On a World Tour
3. Want to have my own houseboat in Kashmir, India

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1) Have enough saved so that my wife can live comfortably after I’m gone.
2) Make sure that I say my goodbyes to family and friends
3) Experience one final good, loud, long laugh.

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Buy a house
A world tour
A date…. (I dated but I want to do it again….. Searching a new girl)

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