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where can i print out documents in san francisco ?

Asked by unacornea (314points) October 6th, 2007

i have a computer but not a printer and i’m a writer so i need to print things out fairly often. kinko’s is way too expensive for long documents. any suggestions? in chicago there is a place called screenz where you can do all kinds of computer-related stuff. anything like that here ?

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I am not sure about that, but if it were me, I would set up an account at a reprographics company (blueprinter). Print your documents to PDF and email them to the repro co. You can usually prenegotiate cheaper rates at a repro company than at Kinkos. They will deliver to you for a fixed fee or you can pick them up.

Printing to PDF allows you to see exactly what the output will look like so you dont waste any money printing proofs.
BPS Reprographics has several locations in SF.

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Not sure from your question whether you’re in SF temporarily, or for how long. For any lengthy period of time, I’d say “buy a printer”—at a cost of $60 and up, the stock cartridges should give you a cost of less than one cent per page even if you plan on discarding the printer afterwards.

For a short period of time, I’d still say “buy a printer” from a retail store with a liberal return policy. Apple Stores, for example, offer 14-day returns with a restock fee on most items, so this essentially works out to a two-week rental for 20% of the purchase price.

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I say buy a printer

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There is printing at the San Francisco Public Library, definitely the main branch and probably most of the branches too. It isn’t super cheap but I would be willing to bet it is much more reasonable than Kinkos.

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i think you can get a really cheap printer in craigslist. it sux not having a printer, i just got one. its kind of crappy but used and was free.

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haha, maybe i didn’t mention how small my apartment is… you’re right it would be good to buy a printer but the idea of putting one more thing in this studio that i share with my girlfriend sounds stressful… thanks for the info about the public library, it’s right down the street…

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if you have any friends in the area (who have printers), you may try calling on them for a favor. Especially if this is a small job that you are trying to print, I am sure that they would not mind!

Small jobs might only cost you a couple of bucks at fedex/kinkos if you have no friends.

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it’s not a small job. i’m a writer.

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So if you are looking into printing out manuscripts, I would go for an old printer. You can find one for cheap, and the toner(assuming it is a B/W laser printer) should be really cheap.

These sorts of printers can be found anywhere (thrift store), but you could ask at a local office supply store or tech store. I’m sure that craigslist may also have a really cheap printer that you could get to.

Best of luck!

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