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Hello.Why do we instantly dislike someone?

Asked by leeds (93points) February 6th, 2009

We see someone,we dislike them.

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because of their shifty eyes and halitosis.

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Hi. I’m not in the habit of instantly disliking someone if I have no reason to in the first place so I can’t include myself in any group that does that. Something adverse would have to happen for me to begin disliking someone.

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It’s the Crocs.

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@artificialard It’s not even 7:00 in the morning and I laughed and laughed and laughed. It’s the Crocs!!! Ha, hee, ha, ha, ha! That’s so great—and true. It’s going to be a happy day.

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Fermones, but when it’s not that they just look/act stupid.

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- You have supers-sensory perception and you get a negative ‘vibe’ that tells you something is off about that person

- The person reminds you of someone you know that you don’t like (even if it you aren’t aware that the person reminds you of someone else)

- You are having a bad day or at a negative place in your own life and so, you really aren’t going to like anyone very much

- You are a judgemental person in general, so you are quick to pass judgement and/or form an opinion of someone based on superficial things like the clothes they are wearing.

(I’m not saying you personally fit any of the categories above, I’m speaking in general here.)

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because they have all the visual qualities of someone who was an ass to you before.

I think it is natural to have a first impression and reaction to someone as long as it doesn’t effect you.

You need to get to know them first.

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I agree with Marissa. I just home in on people. I can feel vibes, too. If someone comes across as being a know-it-all, that’s it for me. Do they look me in the eye? Do they smile & seem receptive? If not, they leave a bad feeling with me.

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@adri027:Moaning over fermones. Do you mean pheromones?

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@gailcalled: ha yes pardon my spelling oh wise one.

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@gail,please try not to belittle in public.

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@Leeds; Welcome. Read the guidelines and hang around and observe for more than 24 hours. Get the tone, style, and ethos, and let the mods do the official scolding. (One of the guidelines suggests avoiding tragic misspelling.)

And the collective is not prone to like sweeping generalities.

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I don’t know, tragic misspelling can be really amusing. I mean, “frizzer”, hello? ;)

I totally agree with what marissa said. Any of those are possibilities. For myself, I am very perceptive and I pick up on people’s “vibes” rather easily. It’s been about 90% accurate (that if I don’t like someone immediately, later after I get to know them better, I still don’t like them).

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Feromones, pheromones… I know what they meant. Doesn’t seem so tragic to me.

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But fermones does have mossibilities possibilies, you must admit.

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@leeds I gotta say that I resent your use of the word “we” in your question. That would imply that you are assuming that I would be included as part of your personal judgement; which I am not. I do not instantly dislike poeple unless they give me a reason to dislike them. Much like yourself for example! I think you are a troll and I for one plan to stop engaging you in any way, shape, or manner and I hope that others here do the same.

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Oh my, one letter.

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@suzyq2463 Hee glad you enjoyed it. I’ll find that I can spend 20 minutes researching a serious question and get no feedback but my 4AM crazed quips get all the lurve.

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@Allie: PHare enuff.

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I have a surefire way to judge whether someone is likable or not. It is real easy to do. You just take a small ruler and measure the distance between their eyes. People with eyes too close together are instantly labeled unlikable. Who needs vibes when we have tools?

It works great during jury duty as well, as it puts an end to all that long being sequestered away for weeks at a time. One simple measurement and we all get to go home, YAY!

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how close is too close? Is this a flat out measurement or is it percentage based?

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@fundevogel well, I would say an inch or so, but you have to do your own research. Find someone you don’t like, measure them, and then go from there.

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Because they look like the girl we hate from high school

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Usually because something in their mannerisms, their behavior, or their appearance reminds you of someone with whom you did not get along.

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