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Does anyone know if there's ever going to be a decent snowboarding title released on PS3 orXbox 360? Please don't say Shaun White as that's like a faceful of yellow snow compared to the SSX series on last gen!

Asked by Sparkie510 (397points) February 6th, 2009 from iPhone

And I’m not referring to realism, just everything!

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I don’t know but I’d love to see a new SSX. That game rocked.

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Agreed. Never understood why they didn’t release a next gen version – would have been awesome!

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I just bought a copy of Amped 2. It’s the best snowboarding game in my opinion. Amped 3 sucked.

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Sorry, I have nothing to add to this discussion, I just wanted to agree with everyone saying SSX rocked. Hopefully that game will make an appearance in this gen.

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