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What do you say when you answer the phone?

Asked by robmandu (21306points) February 6th, 2009

At home, at work, mobile, whatever.

Do you note the callerid and then greet the caller by name to impress them with your prescience? Do you answer with a “Good morning” or “Good afternoon” depending on time of day? Do you always just say the same thing regardless?

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Home: hello
Studio: my name
Cell: hello or “hey rob” (iPhone shows full name & photo)

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I say “hello this is joanie,i’m sorry that i’m not home but if you leave me your name and number i promise soon as i get in i’ll phone”.

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“This is Bauer.”

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“HI, how may I help you?”

It’s because I say it all day at work, at home it just carries over.

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I just say “Hello” unless I know who’s calling in which case I’d do as PupnTaco and say “hi bob” (or whatever their name is).

I’ve always thought ‘Ahoy-hoy’ was a good one though. There’s a whole wiki page on hello including a real gem:

In 1997, Leonso Canales Jr. from Kingsville, Texas convinced Kleberg County commissioners to designate “heaven-o” as the county’s official greeting, on the grounds that the greeting “hello” contains the word “hell”, and that the proposed alternative sounds more “positive”. “Hello”, however, is not etymologically related to “hell”.

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1. Bill’s funeral home, we put the fun back in funeral.

2. Bill’s Funeral Home, you stab ‘em, we slab ‘em.

3. Bill’s publishing, we have issues.

4. Bill’s pawn shop, if you don’t like our prices bring in your wife and we’ll dicker.

5. Bill’s Funeral home, we’re the last to let you down.

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@Dr. Bill: Teehee!

There was a time in my life when it was actually very important for me to remember as many of these rhymes as possible for an annual skit.
You slice ‘em, we ice ‘em..
You kill ‘em, we chill ‘em.
You OJ ‘em, we flambe ‘em.
You dice ‘em, we ice ‘em.
You sleaze ‘em, we freeze ‘em.
We’re sorry for your expiration, you should have taken your medication.
You can’t marry ‘em, but we’ll still bury ‘em.
You hack ‘em, we pack ‘em.

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Did you know that the Japanese language has a specific phrase used to answer the phone? It’s moshi moshi (mow-shee mow-shee).

But I can’t use that in North America without spending five minutes each conversation explaining it! So I usually say hello. I will greet the person by name if their ID pops up. I don’t do it to impress anyone, I do it because it saves five seconds at the beginning of the conversation.

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We have caller ID, so I just pick up the phone & say hi_______.
Same thing on my cell.

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Ahoy hoy. Love that someone mentioned it already.
What up, G?
Hey, baaaaaaaaaaby!
Sometimes, a simple Hey.

Sometimes, I blow raspberries as a hello.
I hate the phone, I try to make it as interesting as possible.

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When I was 4 or 5, apparently I answered the phone with, “Eh, what do you want?” Yeah, that stopped.

Now I just say hello.

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Work, outside number: “Good <time of day>, <company name>, this is <my name>”
Work, internal number: “Good <time of day>, this is <my name>”
Cellphone, unknown caller: “Hello?”
Cellphone, known friend/family member: “Hey, what’s up?”

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The answering machine picks it up:
“You’ve reached the home of ____ and ____.
We’re not home, but don’t be sad.
Just leave a message after the beep.
And we’ll try to call back before we sleep!”

Okay. We used to have that sickening little ditty. I KNOW people were putting their fingers down their throats the first time they heard it and after that they just hated it! :0)

Now, I just say ‘Hello’ – if I feel like answering. I do not like the phone at all. The phone is a convenience for ME. If someone needs me, they know where they can find me at any given moment. Sometimes I don’t want to be found.

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#1 yo!!!!!
#2 what it dookie
#3 what it doo doo
#4 buenoo
#5 what it do nephew
#6 hey

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WORK: Thank you for calling the help desk this is Emily how can i help you?
Cell Unknown caller: Me Speaka no ENglish!

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Usually I say, “Hello?” even if I know who it is. If it’s someone I’m close to, I might say “Hey, what’s up?”

If it’s my girlfriend, I either say “Hey” or “Helllooo?” in a funny voice.

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If the caller ID says “private line” or “out of area”, and I am in the mood, I say, “Calder Residence.” If the caller is begging or selling, I tell him that I am Mrs. Calder’s secretary (true) and that she is away (almost true.)

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how did you get this number?

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“Hello (?)” (used with varying intonation for pretty much any type of call)
“Hey” (only for expected calls)
“Hey, [name],” in the form of Buster Bluth’s “Hey, brother.” This one is reserved for my closer friends, and only used on occasion… and usually without me realizing what I’m doing until after I say it.

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Hello? If unknown.
Hey! If known and loved.
Hi ______ If known and a friend.
If parents: Hi Dad. It’s usually Mom, so maybe I should start saying “Hi Mom.

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Neutral “Hello?” in any situation, caller id or no caller id, close friends, family or else. Only exception is when a call gets interrupted for a short time and the same person calls again, then I’ll answer with “Yes”.

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Work: Thank you for calling Camp K-9 of Marin, how may I help you? (In my best professional business voice)
Cell: Hello? (In my usual ‘duh?’ voice)

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Home or cell it’s “Hello”.

At work it’s just my last name (i.e., “Smith”) since I’m well known.

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Kevin speaking. or work, thank you for calling sams club, this is kevin, how may i help you?

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I generally answer with “yes?” and have gotten shit for it at times.

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Home—hello (no caller ID)
Cell—personal greeting since I can see who’s calling
Work—Wild Salmon Center, how may I direct your call?

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Bonjour! (pronounced bone-joooah!)

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At home or on the mobile I just say “hello”.

At work I saqy “Good morning/afternoon, sports development Leanne speaking”.

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if it’s for office, i would say hello, and mention my company’s name, then introduce mu name, and ask “what can i do for you?”

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