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Anybody have any hard information about the Aptera green car?

Asked by hossman (3261points) October 6th, 2007

I’m looking for high mileage transportation safer than a scooter, and I’ve seen a number of blurbs for the Aptera, which is supposed to start distribution in a year. But I’ve searched, including their myspace page and website: and am unable to find an address, phone number, or any hard information. Does anyone know anything about this company or product?

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It’s all rumor, but it sounds like it will cost around $20K and be released within a year.

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And wiki states 2009 and $25K.

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You would think someone taking $500 deposits would (if they were legitimate) offer tours or some hard information so you could verify they existed. At least enough I could verify, say, their incorporation with the state.

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