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Can i use baby shampoo to give a cat a bath?

Asked by tocutetolive90 (888points) February 6th, 2009

my room mate needs to give her cat a bath, but doesn’t wanna get cat shampoo.

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I hesitate to disagree with our resident animal expert, but this site says this:

“Because pet shampoo has the correct pH for dogs and cats and is made to lather well for deep cleansing of all coat types and is made to rinse out of even thick coats quickly and easily. Pet shampoo is also made to leave very little residue on the skin – the heavier conditioning in people shampoo can build up on the pet’s skin and cause itching and scratching. People shampoo leaves too much conditioning in the pet’s coat and makes the coat harder to dry because of leaving a heavier residue.”

I would also be concerned about the effect of any additives in the people shampoo on the cat since they are very chemical sensitive.

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People shampoo is indeed usually too harsh for pets, but baby shampoo is fairly innocuous and will do in a pinch.

I notice that that site also says “You need a conditioning shampoo, a creme rinse and a finishing spray”...not surprisingly, it’s a company that sells grooming products. Finishing spray?

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I use baby shampoo on my dog. It doesn’t seem to work any differently than dog shampoo, but it isn’t as though I’m washing him on a daily basis either.

But Marina’s last point is a good one. A cat is likely more sensitive to chemicals than my dog. I doubt it would do any harm though.

Maybe some kind of spot test is in order? Just use a drop of the shampoo on a small spot on the cat, and if the cat still has hair in that spot the next day, or doesn’t develop a rash, then proceed with a full bath?

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@syz Ah, gotcha. I think I need a finishing spray, whatever that may be.

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if it’s a baby cat (aka kitten), yes. adult cat, no. they’ll be horribly offended and claw you (or run away, cats aren’t picky like that).

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I bathe my cats all the time. I employ a natural approach that works well for all parties involved.

i do get alot of hair on my tounge

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I also use baby shampoo to bathe my dog. Works a lot better in the long run than the expensive dog shampoo I used to buy him.

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