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Where can I find good (free) knitting patterns?

Asked by Abby (116points) November 20th, 2006
Website, preferably.
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I've found many on-line. Google "free knitting patterns".
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what I like to do is go to any yarn store and they will have tons of books that you can browse. and the people who work in teh yarn store will often have great suggestions and will let you copy their patterns. they can even walk you through how to make it (or there is often a table or couch where you can sit and knit in the store)
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it's not a website, but you can learn more because you can ask them questions in person
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I always like the stuff at
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I'm not sure about how free they are, but one of my favorite craftsites on line is
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they have a whole section dedicated to knitting
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how's that book i lent you working out?
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and of course there are dozens of others. This is a question that is better searched online than asked here.

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