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So coffee of tea?

Asked by toolo (141points) February 7th, 2009

Im a huge tea drinker, and i think my teeth are becoming my best witness. but what do you prefer.

For all you tea drinkers here is a tip
ENGLISHTEASTORE google that store and thank me later, it has the best earl grey tea ive ever tasted

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Wow for someone who hates it here, saxon just can’t seem to break away.

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Coffee, definitely

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@toolo: Try the new search engine. Type in “coffee, tea,” and see how many versions of this question have appeared, and reappeared , and re-re….well, you get my drift.

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Hazelnut or Jamaican Blue mountain coffee.

hell, a strong cup of folgers isn’t bad if you “overindulged” the night before.

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Wild Sweet Orange Tazo Tea :)

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at gali i dont see this question being asked before

you should search that ;)

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Blue Java made on my Moccamaster.
Heaven in a cup :D

Or an Iced Mocca if I’m buying my coffee somewhere else.

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@Milladyret…Iced coffee? That is one place I have never been able to go. What’s the allure?

For that matter, anyone, why iced coffee?

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I tried it, its a joke, just another excuse to put more fat into another drink, that is already a drink but just cold

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I like coffee a lot better than tea.

I also enjoy Iced Coffee on a hot day, for a cold drink that still has the caffeine and the great taste of coffee.

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Tea. I have a shoe box full of different types.

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@aidje i should post a pic of my collection, i probably have upwards of over 50 types. it takes up 2 cupboards

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You can make coffee out of tea?

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@PupnTacoi was wonderin’ when somebody was gonna pick that up

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at least it wasn’t me this time.

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English breakfast tea. It’s the best.

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Iced Coffee – year ‘round even.

@Blondesjon How can you not like iced coffee in the Summer (at least)?

@veneziana At least English Beakfast is better than that Mate stuff you drink.
Tastes like licking an ashtray.

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Tea. Most definetly.

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@cprevite…I guess I’ve grabbed one cup too many that I thought was still warm and then, after finding the opposite to be true, being totally put off of coffee for the rest of the day.

cold coffee tastes like disappointment to me

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@toolo – Nice. :-)

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Iced coffee because it’s refreshing! And it’s more like a ‘treat’ than regular coffee ;)
But never in winter, tho…

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Thinking of you all this morning as I’m sipping on a warm mug of Oolong.

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Scottish breakfast for me today and a touch of honey

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