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When did "Hope Obama" become "Fear Obama?"?

Asked by Chriznak (50points) February 7th, 2009

before election it was hope hope hope. then the stimulus package went mainstream and there’s impending doom all of a sudden

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About the time “Tax and Spend” turned into “Don’t pay tax and spend anyway”.

actually it was well before that, but I couldn’t resist

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When the Republicans decided they were going to oppose him at every turn. He did win after all.

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I think people weren’t aware of:

a) Things were broken beyond a “quick-fix” repair
b) Actually repairing things will not be a “spectator” but a “participant” issue, people start to realize that what’s to come will have an impact on them beyond being restored to a pre-crisis state
c) Hope and Change didn’t mean hoping that everything will be like it was before / changed back

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Well, it basically boils down to the fact that we’re about to try out an economic thoery that hasn’t really been in place before now.

Traditionally, the way to stimulate the economy was by lowering or raising the interest rate. Right now, the estimates I heard say that the interest rate would actually have to be somewhere around -6.5% in order to provide the necessary effect.

Now we’re taking the Keynesian economic philosophy, dusting off 50 years or so of disregard and attempting to use it as the basis for how we can restore the troubled economy.

It’s not necessarily Fear Obama, as much as it it Fear the Unknown. There’s so much politicking and hedging going on right now to set up how the fingers are going to start being pointed if this fails.

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I think the premise is flawed. i do not believe that what you are saying is true in the question is true.

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I don’t really remember President Bush being this involved with the crisis (as much as President Obama); maybe because he was not, it really wasn’t in the front of masses minds. Now that we see someone getting serious about fixing the problem, people realize what a shit-show it all is.

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