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What are you doing or giving to friends, family and lovers for Valentine's Day?

Asked by jca (35969points) February 7th, 2009
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A bunch of friends are getting together and hosting a big party…and there’s going to be an ice luge! ;o)

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Home made chocolate bark made with milk chocolate, cranberries and walnuts.

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I’m making a multi-course fondue dinner one night, but I think he’s taking me out to eat a different night as well.

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My daughter asked me to go to a movie, and I suggested we go out to dinner.

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@AlfredaPrufrock What a sweet daughter :)

My husband will cook a delicious meal for me at home & we’ll exchange cards. Thus has it always been, and so it shall remain.

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I’m not giving, I’m getting.

I’ll be giving exactly a month later…. March 14 – Steak and a Blowjob Day!

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I’m buying my wife a house. I wish
I’m also buying her a car, and I’m renting her out a high-vis spot in the city market to sell all her fine clothing and patterns that she makes.. I really wish
I’m picking her up in a limo and taking her to the phantom of the opera where I will actually enjoy the show. o.O
I’m getting her a dozen of each of her favorite kinds of flower in the specific order she likes them. Hmm I can actually swing that one
I’m making her breakfast in bed. wait, sounds romantic but the logistics just don’t work out with the kids running around.. I’ve got it! I’m hiring us a babysitter and we’re going out dancing! Oh, right… I’m stuck in another country.. maybe we’ll dance on skype..

I don’t know.. I’m tossing around some ideas.

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Homemade dinner.

chocolate covered strawberries
caesar salad
steak and lobster
strawberry mousse cupcake

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My best friend always gets a little emo at Valentine’s Day because her parents always go out and her sister always has a boyfriend and she’s never even been kissed. So I arranged for Godiva chocolates and pink roses to be delivered to her at work on the 13th. :D

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I’m taking my boyfriend out to Aziza in SF on Friday since he took me out the year before and supposedly has some crazy expensive surprise for me. Aziza is a Moroccan restaurant in San Francisco that uses all local and organic food! I am excited about that!

Than on Saturday I’m getting a six pack, some whiskey, and rolling one up and taking him to the spot on the hill where we went on our first date. I also want to bring some delicious sandwiches. Perhaps it’ll rain like it did on our first date…

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sorry to be a downer, but fuck valentines day, for no other reason that it simply being another ridiculously diluted hallmark holiday. i went in to a large retailer the other day and they had SEVEN aisles dedicated to valentine’s day. and all i could this was: “where the hell is this all going to go in 3 days when the holiday has passed?” oh, right…a dumpster.
we don’t need a designated day to show friends and family we love them.

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in high school i created “burn happy couples alive day” to replace V day…i never actually did it but it is very humorous to imagine people spontaneously combusting

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Dont even go there! i need to be getting christmas over and done with before i can think of valentines day!

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