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Coughing blood?

Asked by curioscamel (81points) February 7th, 2009

for the last few days i have been sick at night i feel really warm under a blanket but when i take it off i get really cold and my jaw shutters up and down and i get goose bumps, I also feel dizzy a lot, and my throat feels really dry like I’m always thirsty i have also coughed up blood does anyone know what may be wrong? is any if this serious?

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Yes, go see the doctor immediately.

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Sounds like seeing a doctor would make a lot of sense.

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How are you even on here posting?

i’m an epic pussy when i’m sick


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Hello, and welcome to fluther. First, I agree with both PnL and skfinkel that a doctor’s visit is in order. Sick at night (night sweats), take off blanket -> cold (chills), warm under blanket (?fevers), dizziness (low oxygen or low blood pressure), coughing blood (coughing blood) are all possible signs of a lung infection, ranging from bronchitis, to pneumonia, to tuberculosis, to influenza or RSV. Only a doctor’s visit will sort that out. I suggest you go emergently to the closest urgent care center or emergency room.

FYI, I’m a doctor, and I don’t routinely tell people to go be seen ASAP, but this is one of those cases.

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From the National Institutes of Health:

If you have any unexplained coughing up of blood, call an ambulance or go to the nearest emergency department. This is very important if your cough produces large volumes of blood (more than a few teaspoons), or if you also have:
* Dizziness
* Light-headedness
* Severe shortness of breath

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Yes, go to a doctor! It could be something as simple as having a cold and having broken a blood vessel from coughing to all sorts of dire possibilities. Only a doctor will know what questions to ask, what tests to run, and whether it’s zebras or horses, and only a doctor can prescribe most of the medications you might need.

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Listen to shi, my friend. Doctor. Now. Go.
I’ll tell you my story when you get back and let us in on your diagnosis.

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I haven’t been to a doctor yet not much time, however I’m going to one tom, i was never hot last night or cold, just normal and i do feel better i still have a dry throat and haven’t coughed any more blood i only did that once and it was a little bit, ill let everyone know what happens and thanks for the advise everyone

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Interesting. Poor @curioscamel never came back. Perhaps she perished that very next day. Or, a better story would be that she never came back, as human…...

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