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Is there a way to find a decent doctor?

Asked by tinyfaery (40254points) February 7th, 2009

The wife and I just changed our health insurance, because we hated, hated Kaiser. So now I belong to Health Net HMO, and I had to choose a doctor. I just picked a medical group near me, and picked a woman. I went to see her and I hated her. It’s such a hassle to change doctors, so I don’t just want to continue to randomly pick people until I find one I like.

How can I find a doctor who will take my insurance and be someone I can talk to and trust without going through the process of elimination. The websites I’ve visited have not been helpful. They cannot tell me that a doctor will instantly treat me different when I tell them I am in a same-sex relationship. Which happened, by the way. Any suggestions?

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