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Is Patience Really A Virtue?

Asked by bythebay (8144points) February 7th, 2009

Are you a patient person? Do you believe the quote above or do you tap your feet and drum your fingers in anxious haste? It’s been said that all good things come to he/she who waits. Would you wait for a good thing? What about immaturity, anger, possessiveness and duruptions…do you have patience for those things?

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I can be patient, when I was younger I was to a fault. I’ve tried to fix that over the years and now I’m far more assertive. But if patience and calm are necessary, I can do it without a second thought. :)

I only have patience however for neutral or good things. Immaturity and inflammatory behavior have no place in my world and I refuse to tolerate them. As silly as the saying is, I do not suffer fools gladly.

On a side note I tap my feet and drum my fingers constantly. Just a habit. :)
I do get asked if I’m jonesing for a cigarette, a lot. Despite not being a smoker. I believe those silly folks call it a Nic Fit. :)

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I’m usually a pretty patient person… but if you really make me angry (which it takes a lot to get me angry) I won’t tolerate you.

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I’m a very patient person.

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I’m a very patient person with most things in life and I feel fortunate that it comes naturally to me. The only glaring exception would be when I am stuck in traffic and surrounded by bad drivers and this has a tendency to make me angry, impatient, and irritable.

And yes, I do think patience is a virtue.

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Patience is indeed a virtue. It is learned. Those who master it are rewarded.

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I can be a very patient person. My patience is being tested, frequently lately; however, I seem to be holding it together – well…okay, not today! ;)

There is no sense in losing it at every turn. Life is a roller coaster. You will have ups and downs…take a deep breath and go with it, you will be ok. That’s my theory with keeping my cool, trying to remain patient.

It works, most of the time!

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I can be patient, but that is often just because I am somewhat behind the learning curve asmonet described- I am simply not assertive, and in order to allow my timidity or laziness to persist I adopt an attitude of patience towards whatever it is I want. If it’s not something that requires action on my part, I’m often quite impatient. This doesn’t really cause problems for me, but I would probably be less stressed if I could develop more patience, so I suppose it is something of a virtue.

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funny you should ask. When I was little(middle/high school) I was extremely patient and tolerate. Because people are in general good hearted and sometimes they just do stupid things by accident. But as I get older I found myself having less patient with people doing stupid things or just simply disregard rules. Now days, I can still be a patient person but it’s certainly not like how I was back in high school.

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Yes, I believe patience is a virtue. I also believe it has its own rewards – longer, healthier life and reaping the rewards of being so patient.

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Patience is a virtue under some sets of circumstances, and under others it is not.

An example of when it is not: waiting for that ache to go away, and learning later it was a real health problem that could have been prevented if they had caught it early.

It depends on the situation. Not all of them call for the same sort of action, or patience.

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Honestly, I don’t have time for this question!

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Patience is a virtue, but I have never been accused of being virtuous.

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There’s a fine line between patience and cowardice or procrastination, just don’t take too long working it out.

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