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Did anyone else think 'taken' was the greatest movie on the planet?

Asked by futurelaker88 (1600points) February 7th, 2009 from iPhone

i just got done watching “taken” and i can honestly say it was the one of the most satisfying experiences I’ve ever had. not only in a movie. it was incredible! my adrenaline is pumping so much just typing this. did anyone else see this film and feel this way. i feel amazing about everything lol. that was the epitome of perfection in a film.

btw im a film student in NYC

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haven’t seen it. i heard it was better than expected.

it looks like a rather violent film.

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I haven’t seen it yet! We’re seeing it on Monday – I can’t wait!!

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It was a great romp, breathless action, nonstop (once it got started). Worth seeing on the big screen. Great movie, though?—no, sorry, I couldn’t say that.

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Um. No.
Liam Neeson has been better. Schindler’s List much?

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Qui-Gon Jin. Qui-Gon Jin.

and Schindler, yes.

and he played Rob Roy. A hero and a drink, how’dya top that?

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Plus, he was that dirty pervert ghost in High Spirits.
I’d tap that.

I really was only interested in Taken because I want to do incredibly inappropriate things to his naughty bits. Sigh.

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What he was hot, and pervy, and Scottish Irish. What do you want from me?!

EDIT: I am shamed.

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liam neeson is irish.

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Holy shit I’m stupid. That’s what I get for being up for 23 hours. :’(

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@asmonet for reals? what – are you tripping balls or something?

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Fluthering like a crazy person. My fingers hurt. :’(

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use your mind.

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Sorry, Actually I thought it was so so. Really, what was going through my mind was that Liam Neeson must be having one hell of a mid-life crisis to have taken that part. Figured he wanted to do a studly action flick, before he would just look too, too silly.

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@cak, don’t change your mind. It’s a great evening’s (ninety-three minutes’) entertainment. That’s just not necessarily the same thing as a great movie from a critical point of view.

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If you haven’t seen them already, you’ll love the Transporter movies (a third sequel on the way). There was a French one too called Banlieue 13 which was similar in fast-paced action style. Also, the Tony Jaa movies Ong-bak and Tom yum goong. Back to Jason Statham, Crank might also float your boat (again, sequel on the way). Finally, Danny the Dog (Jet Li) is good fun, if a little too sentimental at times.

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@whackyrusty Oy’ dis es Jasen Statham. Oy er use be takin boot me filmz ya? Oy tink use best sod off wanka. Oy!

/statham leaves.

what just happened?

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I just saw Taken and was blown away. As a mother of a murdered child I could relate to his relentless pursuit for his child. He was not going to let anything stand in the way of saving his daughter. I have rarely finished a movie and felt so satisfied and amped. It was an incredible journey of a dad taking back control from the evil people in this world. I reccomend this movie to all. It rocked!!

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I just saw it and thought the premise was ridiculous and unrealistic. It was a movie beneath Neesom. The parts in the beginning about the singer were so contrived. The guy was a superman. I wondered what took him so long to take his final shot – clearly he couldn’t miss. Dumb.

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