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What is code pink?

Asked by fooshnickens (14points) February 7th, 2009
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Fashion emergency.

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as in the political group

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@fooshnickens – Well I guess you knew then?

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what do they fight for? whats their purpose

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Did you bother to click on the link that @asmonet gave you?

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…Seriously. It’s at the top of the freaking page.

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Maybe, if you couldn’t figure out the first link…you can click this one:

That’s the exact page you should go to. Now, run along.

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Code pink is when there’s a party and a drunk chick takes her panties off from under her miniskirt.

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i thought code pink was what you said to a buddy, when you’re at a bar and a gay guy is checking him out.

“hey dude, code pink 4 o’clock.”

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@asmonet emo-gency! hahaha lurve it!

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I have always called code pink to a girlfriend if her nipple is showing in a swim suit or low-cut top.

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@jessturtle23 this is also an awesome usage of the word, however, a nipple would not be what i would think.

“taco, burrito, what’s comin’ outta yo’ speedo!?”

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anti-war group. they wanted a “code” like what is used in wars, but they wanted it to be outlandish and not anything scary that would actually be used by the military.

i think they are mostly women and developed out of a women’s rights activism org.

they protest wearing all pink often including a big pink boa.

they have been known to do some crazy (and pretty awesome) things like interrupting congress meetings to protest the war directly to law makers.

they are nation wide from cali to d.c.

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