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When will medical marijuana be legal in texas?

Asked by fooshnickens (14points) February 7th, 2009
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I would expect that state to be last in line honestly.
But since your question gives no time line, I will say yes. They will. Be it next year or a hundred years from now. Why not?

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Around the same time they eliminate the death penalty.

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Maybe someday. As far as I know it isn’t even on the radar up in Austin (which is the place it would be most likely to happen anyway).

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should i write a letter to my congressman with all the pros and cons

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They’re still fighting to keep Creationism out of the curriculum in public schools, which is a higher priority.

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what the does it matter if there is a god or not, let the kids decide for themselves…youll comtemplate it with medicinal marijuana

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No, sir. You’re thinking of religion. That’s not meant to be a part of public education.

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@Vinifera7: Amen to that. :P

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My Magic 8 Ball said, “Most Likely”!
Some big fat help that was…

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Guess someone needs to go over some to George W and then see what happens!

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@Vinifera7 – don’t forget, you’re talking Texas here, where they still teach Bible in public high school, although it is no longer a class that is required for graduation. Austin is a tiny island of liberals in a sea of Republican conservatives.

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Sadly, I am aware of that fact.

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@dawrin- Texas gets a bad rep. for being unbelievably conservative, and all though that is true, it’s only the small cities like Beaumont and Waco that are conservative (and since most of Texas is made up of small cities, Texas stays mainly conservative) all the big cities (San Antonio, Austin, Dallas and Houston) are fairly liberal, the last local election in Dallas every democrat that was on the ballot was elected into office (this isn’t to say that all the officials in Dallas are democrats, you have to take into account that there were elected officials not re running for office and some people running un opposed, but that is still something huge.) and all the major cities in Texas also carried Obama in the presidential election look . So don’t think that Austin is the only part of Texas that is Liberal.
I am in no way standing up for what Texas does and supports, because I truly disagree with a lot of it, but just know that its not the big cities in Texas holding us back.

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@aisyna – Please understand, I am a Texan, and of the cities you mention only Austin (as in “Keep Austin Weird”) is truly liberal. In fact, it’s city council is very similar to that of Berkeley, California, and is a whole bunch of fun to listen to when the meetings are broadcast on radio. It’s personed (not manned, that just wouldn’t be right) with lots of wealthy tree-huggers and fans of underground salamanders (don’t get me wrong, I’m a tree-hugger, too, but not a wealthy one, and not one crazy enough to run for office).

As soon as you get across the line to Williamson County, bam! it’s conservative again. Houston, San Antonio and Dallas are quite conservative also. Fort Worth is a little bit more liberal than Dallas because of the arts scene, but trust me, it ain’t a liberal town.

Down where I live a Republican usually doesn’t have a chance to be elected. It’s all Democrats, but it’s all conservative Democrats. Obama won here in part because he is a Democrat but in large part because, while not Hispanic, he isn’t White.

Obama notwithstanding, Texas is not liberal and “hippies” still get their heads shaved by good ol’ boys.

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@Darwin- I am a Texan too and I never said that Texas isn’t conservative I just said that the larger cities are Liberal, not all nearly as liberal as Austin. My parents lived in Dallas about 19 years ago and were politically active and now when we go back to visit Friends my parents are in disbelief at how liberal Dallas has become. And even in the Texas house of reps. we are making progress, we got rid of Tom Craddick, and even though the guy who took his spot is still Republican he is a Liberal leaning Republican. So ya it’s not much now, but give it some time and you will start to see the big Cities are pretty Liberal.

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We need to be more proactive in trying to get it legalized. Texas lawmakers aren’t going to do it without us bugging the shit out of them.


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@chris1002-i live in austin and it is legal to have up one ounce of pot on you at any time.well not completely legal you may get a 50 dollar ticket. and they dont teach bible in public school dumbass. its a federal law not to teach religion in schools and its also a federal law that pot is illegal everywhere. whether or not the state deems it legal or not.but i still smoke with my uncle all he time and hes a municipal court they really dont care in the big cities just the little podunk towns that for some reason think that they matter. it the boomin cities that matter cuz we bring in the profits. so if you were from texas aisyna then you must have been secluded. i bet we all ride horses too huh
dumbass. and my head has never been shaved by anybody id beat their ass. know what your lyin about before you try to do it.

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@chris1002 – They used to teach Bible in public school in Texas as a required course. I know because when I was attending high school in Houston all students were required to take a semester of health and a semester of Bible.

And in fact, our local high school here in South Texas still offers Bible, but it is an elective now.

Also, one of my friends was jumped for being a “hippie” and his head was shaved by his attackers. Nowadays, though, a lot of guys choose to shave their heads in Texas – they seem to think it makes them look either tough or not balding.

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Bible was never a class in texas public schools, what the fuck are you talking about?!
i have lived in texas my entire life, im 21 and have two older siblings that are 25 and 30. They never took bible class, i havnt, and my little brother hasnt.

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@ocdrummer7271 – There is no need for nasty language. I am far older than you. I graduated from high school in Texas when Bible was a required class in public school. As a mere child of 21 you haven’t been alive long enough to have seen that.

In addition, my daughter is now in high school in Texas, and Bible is still offered, but now as an elective.

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it will be legal when texas stops assaulting queers and fuckin’ cattle

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I have also lived in Texas my entire life, and I’m 42. I never saw Bible as a required class, but I do admit that our state is likely to be one of the last to make medical marijuana legal. It’s a real shame, I have multiple sclerosis, and I am pretty sure the THC would ease my symptoms.

In August of 2009, the State Legislature passed a law leaving it up to the individual officer or police department whether to make an arrest on someone found with under 4 oz of marijuana. At the officer’s discretion, either a ticket can be issued, or the person may be arrested. It is now a legal defense to use “medical necessity” as a reason to have the drug on your person, but again you are at the mercy of the officer or judge that gets the case.

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@Nephelle – It was a required class in the 1960’s and early 1970’s, at least in Houston. That was before your time a bit.

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i live in houston now, but i used to live one backward ass town,brownwood, they did teach the bible regardless of what the state legislature said, i got assaulted for being “hippie” inside of a church that i was invited too by a group of ignorant red necks that cant understand anything thats beyond there comprehension of what life should be,seems to me the bible had little effect, i am 24 and the bible was constantly taught in our school from the time i arrived in their school system which was 13 years ago i was in 4th grade at the time and they did not stop having “bible study’s” in english class until i reached the 7th grade, bunch of backwards fags, but just so you know in the small towns around texas they did not care about the state legislature, or didnt anyways

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on the topic of the bible being in schools and not schools…....Well alot of you you’re both wrong. illegitimately schools were putting the bible in certain curriculum but because of such acts or religious hate crimes and so on. they wait created Theology courses to cover understanding religion not to say there aren’t schools for individuals whom do practice a religion (not to say there’s a hogwarts for witchcraft) but however for those schools whom stand on religion as good source studying others combine it along with reading and writing(cause you would need to know how to read to read the bible)and rheumatic.So you have such places for this to take place like:westbury christian schools.Now back then the bible was preached or discussed in the class followed by pray according to my grandfather.

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I feel like Medical Marijuana will be legal in Texas in the next 10 years. You see how rappidly many states are legalizing it for Medical Purposes.

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when pigs fly and republicans die

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WOOOOHHHHHHHH!!!!! <3333 Legalize the weed Obama!

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