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What's a really good and effective to-do/idea management/brainstorming/scheduling application for OS X?

Asked by TaoSan (7106points) February 8th, 2009

I own two companies, lot’s of stuff to do every day in business and private life, but it also seems I’m borderline ADD really with a touch of messy.

Problem is, I really kinda do everything right on top of my head, right then and there. Therefore, often stuff/ideas simply get(s) lost again, or high-priority stuff takes the backseat to lesser priority routine tasks.

Is there any application, that really helps to “put it all together” and into action in the right order?

Mind you, my ADD-like “messiness” kinda prevent me from doing anything that remotely resembles an organized approach. So, any MS Outlook/Project -like approach really doesn’t work for me, as I simply don’t have the “discipline” to sit down, enter it all in there and then keep progress updated. It seems hopeless :/

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Try It sounds like what you want, and it’s a webapp so you can access it anywhere.

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I use Remember The Milk to keep up with the small things that I always forget. You can make customized lists for every category of to-dos, enter due dates w/notes, set priority levels—all kinds of stuff. It has tons of different services for Gmail, iPhone. It’s sick.

I also second Evernote. I use that to keep up with screenshots that I take of interesting quotes from articles, write down thoughts that I have about a certain subject, or bookmark an mind-blowing thread on Fluther lol. It’s kind of like a dictionary of my brain, complete with tags so I can easily find out what I think/thought about something.

Honestly, though, none of these apps have helped motivate me to do my work, it just makes all the things I have do more organized lol

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Thanks you both. I’m playing around with Evernote right now. I’m such a messy, LOL.

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I have Things and LOVE IT!!! It is very flexible.

Here is a demo video. I had a pre release version and pre-ordered it I liked it so much.

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Oh wow! This looks awesome, thank you so much!

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You bet. Worth every single penny in my book. And these guys listen to the users. In the three approaching months to release they said no to then decided to include functions the users were asking for.

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Playing with it right now.

Would be nice if it would sync/interface with Mail and Calendar somehow….

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this is true. I have to look back in the forum but I believe that is in the works. This program literally went live Jan. 3.

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I’d like to 2nd Things… Though it’s not as powerful as some other GTD apps it is brilliant for keeping track of things to do. I personally really like the hotkey to bring up a mini HUD to make a note while doing other work.

Ex: In the middle writing an essay and deep in thought, mom calls and says remember to go to the bank on the way home, bring up the Things HUD, type in ‘Bank!’, and immediately I’m back to work again.

You can sync with iCal, its in the preferences.

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Duh, I set that and forgot it.

I love the NEXT feature. It is a way of looking ahead without effing up your organization set up.

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Another vote for Things, also check out ShoveBox, Yojimbo, Together & Mind Node (mind mapping software)

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That was a winner, I bought Things!

Kinda bugs me though that they charge $10 extra for the iPhone app :/

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Yeah. I downloaded it when it was a free app and they left it free for me so far.

I am glad you like it. I am addicted!

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I found another program I thought I would list here in the interest of fairness. It looks like a pretty good one Process

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