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Has anyone found a good way to make your own chips from tortillas?

Asked by marinelife (62244points) February 8th, 2009

Rather than ready-made tortilla chips, I want to make my own. Anyone done this? Can it be done?

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Cut tortilla flat bread into triangles (or whatever) and fry them.

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A default method is to let them get stale and then whack on breadboard.

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@Vinifera7: Two quarts of peanut oil for 10 tortillas? Whew.

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It’s called deep frying for a reason.

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I save the calories and just eat the tortillas without frying them. I think they taste better.

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I like to use corn tortillas. Cut them into triangles and fry them at a high temp in small batches.

The important part is salting them as soon as they come out of the oil.

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I’ve made chips from flour tortillas before by cutting them into triangles and frying them. A little salt and lime and they’re good to go.

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You can also bake them for a little more healthy version.

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The quick and dirty method is just to rip the tortillas in quarters and frydaddy them. They get crispy bubbly edges that way too.

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Toast corn tortillas in the oven (convection if you’ve got it) until crispy…a tasty, healthier alternative:

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What is with you people and baked chips?

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@Vinifera7; We don’t want to get fat ot harden our arteries

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For the crispest, most greaseless chips the tortillas you start with should be cold slightly stale.
Heat 1–1 1/2 inches of oil over medium high or 375. Place the chips and if it sizzles happily, the temp is right, 12 at a time, 45 seconds to a minute and the bubbling has slowed way down. Remove drain, and salt. Of course there is the baking approach, but these are tastier.

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