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Can a good sexual relationship come out of being long time friends?

Asked by lendwill (187points) February 8th, 2009
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I don’t think that friendship and sex are necessarily required for either. And the definition of good is pretty objective anyways. So its hard to say.

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Well… I don’t want to brag, but my fiance and I have a phenomenal sex life and we were friends to start. Is that what you mean?

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Maybe some more information would help?
There’s more trust if your relationship goes from friends to lovers. Trust = Better everything.

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If you are good friends with your partner, you are more appreciative and understanding of one another. I’m sure that helps.

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I agree with asmonet and jonsblond just adding that it usually feels more open which can mean better communication.

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A good (sexual) relationship can certainly come out of being long time friends. In fact, most of the healthiest relationships I’ve ever encountered have grown out of healthy friendships.

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Hopefully when you get married, you are marrying a long-time friend and the passion is heating up!

However, once you’ve been married for a while, I hear that the long-term friendship eventually displaces the sex.

So, it could go either way.

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Absolutely yes. My husband were friends of several years standing before we began dating. We are very compatible as lovers.

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Don’t let these people fool you. They all have it in for newbies (welcome, by the way). The truth is that once you are friends, it is against the laws of nature for you to have sex with your friend. It’s even more forbidden for you to have good sex.

As if that weren’t enough, there are actually seventeen countries in the world that have outlawed sex between friends. You think I’m kidding, but you can look it up here. And there’s a very good reason why friends, especially good friends, should never have sex.

Nine times out of ten, it ruins a perfectly good friendship.

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Yes, it can, but it is not a guarantee. Sometimes it works out wonderfully, sometimes it can ruin your friendship.

You should date and be in love first, but not do the deed as long as you are only friends.

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daloon – I am so with you on this – friendship just can’t be passion – and good sex must have passion – and lots of it – and if it wears off have wilder sex. Always go for a sex life rather than just sex with someone you happen to like I reckon.

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@daloon – Very insightful link! I had no idea so many countries outlawed friendly sex!

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@amanderveen: it’s truly amazing, isn’t it? Don’t you think everyone should take a look at that link?

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Sexual chemistry has absolutely nothing to do with whether you were friends for years or just met an hour ago. I’ve only tried dating a friend once, and it was possibly the most amazing sex in my life. It had all to do with wanting the same things in bed and nothing to do with having been friends though.

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i can only speak from my experience.. and i am now dating my friend of 10 years… i have never had better sex in my life… and it improves even when i dont think it could get any better.

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lol i don’t understand this question. to me this is like asking…“would i be able to
draw better if i took drawing classes?” of course. isn’t this how it’s supposed to be. sex should come (if not after marriage, which i know most people don’t agree with anyway) ONLY after knowing someone extremely well. how can knowing somebody and being really close to them make sex worse? idk…maybe it’s just me

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Its always up to both of you’re feeling in the first place. Some people can just sync others will not. It can but it might not. Have you two ever danced together? (Music Dance) Its a good way to tell for yourself. Sorry, I couldn’t be more helpful.

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I know it can go ethier way, it depends on the person your with and how compatible you two are when your not doing sexual things! Me and my ex i just broke up with started as a few flings, then we got good, and then it went bad. Goodluck with that though.

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