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My auto run wont work?

Asked by TechtardedBabe (6points) February 8th, 2009

Im using a mac ibookg4 running osx 10.3.9 i know its an old version but yeh anyways i have discs that are osx comp but they wont auto run when i open the folder and click auto run it just opens the script editor and says that it cannot be opened this happens with discs and downloads im so techtarded i need help please :(

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Are you sure the disks are specific to your Mac model? The disk should say on it that it’s for your specific computer, Apple makes disks only for specific models. Particularly because you’ve got a computer with a PowerPC processor, this makes a big difference (it makes a big difference anyway, but still).

You can try booting to the disk by restarting the computer and holding C once the computer turns on, until you hear a chime, then select the OS disc from the startup options.

Only try this, though, if you’re sure you’ve got a legit OS disk that you trust.

What are you trying to do with the OS disk, if I may ask?

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Sounds like you might be talking about discs that have content for both Windows and Mac. The Windows content may have an autorun.exe file which Windows will execute upon mounting. Macs can’t run that Windows .exe file (unless you are running a Windows virtual machine). Mac content on the disk should have some other “Start Here” or “Setup” file that you can launch.

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Hey well thanks for responding to start. Ive tried downloading programs specific for OS X 10.3.9 which fail to mount and if they do work they wont install because the auto runs wont work it just keeps diverting me to script editor and off the discs im trying to install a logitech cam that says it it compatiable with Mac Os X and Windows XP and Vista and a external dvd burner that also says that its compatiable with all versions of Mac OS X and windows as for using the start here or set up files any thing i click on in the folder just goes to the script editor and says that it cannot be read im at a total loss i got the ibook second hand and i dont have any of the manual or original discs and to be honest im ready to break it apart into little bits and burn it because it seems impossible to use

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If Script Editor is trying to open the file instead of the Mac executing the file as an application, there might be problems with your operating system. Download Leopard Cache Cleaner. It will run as a free demo and works with 10.3.9. On the Maintain screen, check Repair Permissions, Run Maintenance Scritps, and Rebuild Prebindings. Run those, and see if it helps.

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Hey thanks ill try that now and ill let you know how it all works out XoXoX

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