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Is there ANY way the woman that just had octuplets did a GOOD thing?

Asked by Mr_M (7583points) February 9th, 2009

I’m talking about the one that had 6 more to begin with, no husband and no job.

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She made it easy to find out who’s a crazy person. And it probably highlights the need for regulation of IVF, since what she did would be illegal in Europe.

Probably helped Angelina Jolie figure out who to adopt next. She just needs to make one of her babies look “ethnic”.

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Apparently she already had 6 kids and is a single mum/mom! She got the money to pay for IVF as she is getting some kind of disability benefit or compensation money for hurting her back when she used to work.

Guess who’s going to have to pay for the 14 kids she’s going to raise without a husband/partner or job? Tax payers. At least they are helped out by the money from all the newspapers paying for interviews :)

In the UK IVF is on the NHS which means as long as you are in the required age range you can get the treatment for free!

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Who knows, one (or all) of those kids could grow up to be the next Einstein. Some good comes out of every child born, whether on a small scale or a large scale. We shouldn’t be so quick to judge other peoples’ decisions—you never know the whole story.

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I can’t even begin to describe how much this woman disgusts me.

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Honestly, I can’t see any good coming from this event, except for maybe more rules and ethical discussions about IVF.

@jbfletcherfan – I agree. This is why I’ve stopped reading news about it. Plus, the discussions around this issue seem to fail to acknowledge that her case is a complete outlier data-wise.

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All life is precious.

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The only good I can see is that she made herself happy. Fine for her, not so good for the rest of us.

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I have three children and understand the feeling of wanting another child. I would love to have one more child, but it makes me feel a bit selfish. I’m married though, and I can’t understand wanting that many children and not be married. Unless I lived on a farm

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I’m on another discussion board that has discussed this issue in extreme, wrenching, over-done depth. There’s a few different sides to it. On one hand, my gut reaction is to say NOOOO!!! This woman is clearly lacking mentally/emotionally and should in no way be considered a fit mother to 14 (14!!!) children.
On the other hand, I want the public/law/media to stay out of my uterus, so part of me thinks we should stay out of hers.

edited to add: However, how these children are treated is certainly our business. I hope this woman has some plan she hasn’t shared with the media (so far her financial plan is to finish grad school- HA!) to provide for these children financially/emotionally/all other ways.

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Should a person be able to go to a doctor and have the doctor do anything that person wants? If she wanted her nose removed, should she have been able to go to a plastic surgeon and get it done?

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If the woman was rich and could take care of these kids, fine, but if the tax payers have to provide for these kids, we have every right to criticize her actions. This woman really pisses me off. She should be sterilized by the state.

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We have every right to speak our minds about her uterus, if she expects the tax payers to fund her insanity.

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I think it proves how unethical the doctor was to implant so many embryos into her after he knew she had 6 other children. Would the public feel different if she was married and had a stable job with two incomes maybe. Really what is the difference between her and Angelina Jolie trying to adopt the world? I think what outrages people most about this woman’s situation is how selfishly she did it, even in her interview with Anne on the Today show, she used the words “me” and “I” there was no “we”.

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Doctors have a standard for medically necessary treatment. If a treatment is not medically necessary, I guess they don’t have to do it. Fertility treatment may or may not be considered medically necessary.

I think that the medical profession also has a set of ethical guidelines. If there is nothing in the guidelines, than I guess it is up to the doctor to decide what to do. Doctors may have an ehtical obligation to provide standard treatments to all requesting them regardless of medical necessity. I.e., if this doctor refused, she would surely have found a doctor who was willing, unless there is a specific clause in the medical ethics standard saying this is wrong.

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Radical thought, but maybe you should have to get a license to have more than one or two implants at the same time.

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Sorry, I meant to say that maybe the clinic or doctor should have to get a license to implant more than one or two embryos into a single patient at the same time. Kind of like a building permit.

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AND NO I DONT AGREE WITH WHAT SHE DID.. poor kids imagine how growing up would be for those kids.. 14 ! wow. she most likely had all those kids to get famous or just for fun cause no way anyone normal would do that… i think she did want us in her uterus.. thats why she did it.. to get some money from sponsors and what not :)

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When I decided to have kids I thought about the kids side of things. Would they like me as a parent? Would they like the life I could provide? Would they be satisfied growing up in the environment they would have to live in were it the worst cast scenario but I was doing my best.

If I had answered “no” to any of those questions I would not have had the very precious two children I had before canceling the service on that line.

I doubt she could have answered “yes” to those questions.

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ok 6 kids is already way too much for a single, jobless mother

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@Mr_M why not? She’s already had her brain removed!

@rawpixels I agree with you 100%!

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@jbfletcherfan It appears she doesn’t have a brain or much of it to begin with to do what she has done!

The whole incident is beyond ridiculous, disgusting, and unbelievable. And yet, in these times today, it really isn’t surprising that something like this has happened. I sure hope the doctor looses his license that made this happen!

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Willing to bet $100 she isn’t through reproducing yet.

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Only if she does it naturally. I can’t see how another Fertility Doc would TOUCH her.

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I thought it was an accident of some sort and that it was the doctors fault. Well I don’t know but she’s hot :)

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I think its a very foolish desicion… and in a time of economic crisis!!!!! This woman is crazy, she wont find a job anywhere.

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On the contrary. I can see the Playboy Centerfold offers coming down the road.

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@Mr_M Naturally??? M, there’s nothing natural about this broad!

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@mr m I almost wrote that ha lurve.

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@jbfletcherfan her wizard’s sleeve is all-natural.

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@eponymoushipster it must be. Is that a good thing or a bad thing?

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@jbfletcherfan bad..bad thing. it’s like getting frisky with a shopping bag.

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@eponymoushipster I’ve never tried that! Doesn’t sound like much fun to me.

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When I go to the pound I want to take in every dog there. But I cannot afford to care for that many animals. How many stories have we all heard of animal hoarders and the horrible conditions the animals are forced to live in?

Just because you WANT something does not mean you have a right to have it- and that goes for all living things- especially children.

In this day and age of self indulgence where it is all about what I want and when I want it this selfishness not such a surprise.

However it seems particularly sad that the ones who will likely suffer are the children.

No- I do not think she is done.

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Look how excited and proud the doctors were when making their announcement on TV. They wanted to deliver the most healthy babies so now they are the numeber one choice for fertility treatment :)

Can you imagine by the time she feeds and changes the last baby she has to start with the first one all over again. It’s impossible to care for them adequately by herself so either the children will suffer or she will get hired help and guess who will pay for that. Who is looking after these new borns while she is off doing TV interviews and promotions?

I agree that all life is precious but it doesn’t mean we should all reproduce as much as possible. We have to be responsible and think about what we can afford to care for. Would 14 children get as much care an attention as 2? I want more children but I know I can only afford the time and resources to care for my daughter right now so I don’t make more.

If there was no government support for women in her situation do you think she would of tried to have those kids? Other people that have made the sacrifice of not having more children so they can pay their bills and taxes will be paying for the upbringing of those children. Lets hope one of them finds the cure for cancer!

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The last woman who had octuplets got lots of corporate sponsors and a TV show contract. They follow the family with a camera everywhere they go. Arguments and all.

Maybe she was hoping for something like that, since instead of six, she has fourteen.

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I heard this morning that 3 of the 6 kids she already has have some sort of special needs!!!

On the “TODAY” show this morning, they figured out the dollar amount it’s gonna take to feed, dress, educate, transport, etc. the family. UNLESS she gets big multi-million dollar contracts, these kids are destined for foster homes.

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That might be the best for them anyway. I don’t think that woman’s fully sane with all that she’s done. With 14 kids, someone’s going to get lost in the shuffle.

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@eponymoushipster uh…sure, LOL. Thanks…I think. ;-)

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@jbfletcherfan no, i meant it in a two-fold way:

1) One of them could end up as a crazy, a la Buffalo Bob.

2) One of them could get left somewhere or lost, a la Joe Dirt.

and it could all go down in the basement of her house.

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@eponymoushipster yeah, I KNOW what the message was. We’ll just have to hope it doesn’t go there.

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@jbfletcherfan nah, it’s almost certain to go that way. the mom has crazy eyes already.

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No mention of the guy(s) that keep impregnating her though.
“Shhs – keep it down honey I got six kids in the next room.
No don’t use a condom I want at least 8 more.”

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@kullervo yeah, it was invitro. but she did say she used the same guy for all 14 kids. so at least she like consistency. you better bet every guy who went to that sperm bank is sweating like a villain.

Why did i need to buy that 50” plasma?...sunova….

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@eponymoushipster There’s a lot more crazy with her than her eyes! That poor uterus!!!

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@jbfletcherfan uhm yeah. hence the wizard’s sleeve/shopping bag comments. she’s got a garage sale and sadie hawkin’s dance scheduled in there next week. it’s crazy!

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@Mr_M still think she’s hot?

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On Dr. Phil yesterday, HE made an appeal to send her money! Just what she wants! And she’ll get a lot!!!

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@kullervo that is the nastiest thing i have seen in recent memory. she has a gigantic booby growing out her stomach….and the veins, my gosh the veins!

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What she needs is to be filmed 24/7 to make sure she does all the work herself and as a warning to other would be mums. She gives a whole new meaning to “soccer mum” she’s made an entire squad by herself – Plus subs!

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@Mr_M Well then I say let HIM send her some money. He could afford it.

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@jbfletcherfan amen to that one. maybe oprah wants to help too.

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@eponymoushipster Oh, hell yeah. Between the two of them, she could just keep popping the kids out for years to come!!!

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