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Is it bad to keep batteries on concrete?

Asked by JoshLake (73points) February 9th, 2009

I run a small resort that is solar powered, and one of my guests recently told me that it was bad to keep my batteries on the concrete floor, because the concrete somehow reduces the efficiency of the cells. This sounds like voodoo to me. Is it true?

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I was told the same, by more than one person. I believe the answer is yes, but I don’t have the facts to back it up.

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I would say that it is ok to keep them on the floor. Have you had any problems with them? If not then I would not worry about it.

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From here:

“The old myth about not storing batteries on concrete floors is just that – a myth. This story has been around for 100 years, and originated back when battery cases were made up of wood and asphalt. The acid would leak from them, and form a slow-discharging circuit through the now acid-soaked and conductive floor.”

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I’ve also heard that for years, drains the battery they said.
If you have a battery tester, why not run an experiment? Take two identical batteries, charge them to full, place one on cement, the other on a wooden platform. Let them set a week or two, test each to see if one has discharged more than the other. Lot’s of us would be interested in the result.

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it’s bad to leave car batteries on concrete floor for some odd reason, i’ve always been told to keep them raised up on wood blocks

… couldn’t tell you why though :/

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