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What's the best method for teaching a dog the trick "play dead"?

Asked by ccdobbsuf (13points) October 7th, 2007 from iPhone
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I was told (although never tried) that to get a dog to stay still you get him to stay and walk away from him in an increasingly large spiral. This is what I would do:

-Teach him to lay first. I’ve done that by saying the command, arranging my dog in the desired ‘dead’ position and reprimanding him when he moves but giving him a treat if he stays to my satisfaction. You must consistently to it over time.

-Then to get him to stay do the same thing, have him stay and walk around him slowly away. Reprimand him if he moves but with each say, three spirals you walk away throw him a treat, get him to lay ‘dead’ and keep walking away.

This way the dog will learn to stay dead even if you’re moving around…

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I always find a loaded gun does the trick quite nicely.

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If you want to use tw0k1ngs method be sure to use my advice in teaching the dog from afar. Otherwise you’ll get dog goo on you.

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