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What to do about my dog's barking?

Asked by SwtCute03 (6points) February 9th, 2009

My dog is a chihuahua/beagle and she has horrible seperation anxiety. She whines and barks. I’ve already gotten in trouble at an apartment complex because neighbors complained about her barking. I just moved to a new apartment complex and I don’t want to get on the wrong foot. I’ve been using a muzzle for when I leave for work, I take it off of her when I get home but she looks like the muzzle irritates her. Also even with teh muzzle on her she still is able to bark pretty loudly, the apartment walls are very thin.

What should I do? I want something that will be effective and not hurt her.

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I know there are people who know how to train a dog not to bark. No idea what their secret is, though. You might have to consult a pro.

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If it’s really a problem, they make sound sensitive citronella collars. You just put it on the dog and when they bark it sprays a bit of citronella and dogs don’t like that. They often learn quickly not to bark when that collar goes on. As far as the separation anxiety goes, would you consider getting another dog? Dogs are pack animals and they don’t yend to like to be alone. Also, what Jeruba said is great advice. Good luck!

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I think it is great that you are trying to fix the problem. I have a neighbor who could care less. Drives me nuts!

As I read this question, my dogs were barking at the sound of a car door shutting next door. They bark at everything. I hope you get some great advice. I need it too!

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Congrats on stepping up and taking responsibility as a dog owner.

I suggest calling your local vet or pet store and asking them your question. They will know of places that offer training. There’s no guarantee that such anti-bark training will work, let alone work 100%, but something is better than nothing. As well, they may know of other options you can pursue.

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i agree that it is fantastic that you are asking the question when these days people act like you got a problem being annoyed. it’s insane.

each dog is an individual. you have to learn to really connect with and understand that individual. when you succeed at this, training is possible. as loser said, dogs are pack animals. you have to establish yourself as pack leader.

as you are away from your dog so much, the collar sounds like an interesting option, but not having a dog at this time in your life is unfortunately probably the best.

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Is the dog trained to a crate?
Often having the dog in a crate while you are away gives it the ‘my cave’ comfort level which will help with anxiety.

I’m not sure if you can crate train a dog if it’s not a puppy, though.

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if you put a muzzle on the dog all day, how does it eat/drink?

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@poofandmook: when using a muzzle the dog can still drink water that is why dogs are still able to bark when having a muzzle on because there is still that space. I feed her in the morning and when i get home.

@grisson: she is getting used to the crate, she just really hates it when i leave her. even if i walk out of the room she’ll start whining.

@archer and loser: She knows i’m the pack leader. You are probably right that i shouldn’t have a dog right now at this point of my life but its too late cause I already have her.

@loser: i heard of that collar and i was considering of getting it, but i heard that dogs begin getting used to the scent. perhaps i’ll try that collar and see if it works. its worth a shot.

before seeing a pro i’ll try the scent collar

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I would recommend a good dog trainer to help you deal with the separation anxiety which seems to be the root of the issue.

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Put an blanket over the crate to darken it a little. Again, more of the cave thing.

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I would recommend talking to a really good dog trainer, if you can. Here is an article that might have some good tips, as well. One tip that I read before is to not pay too much attention to your dog just before you leave the house or for the first while after you get home. Otherwise, they learn to associate your departure and arrival with periods of high emotion, which can aggravate the situation (even though you’re just trying to make your dog feel better). You want your dog to feel at ease while you’re gone.

A really good (and entertaining) book to read about training in general (it probably has some bits in there about separation anxiety, too, but I don’t recall for sure) is Don’t Shoot the Dog. The Monks of New Skete are considered an excellent resource for any canine-related training issues, as well.

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Let us know how it goes!!!

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