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Does anyone know of a GOOD, FREE video editing program?

Asked by futurelaker88 (1600points) February 9th, 2009

im in school for film editing, but i cannot afford a mac OR final cut/avid, but if i want to do some editing at home on my PC when i am not in class on the top of the line equipment, what is a good alternative? everything i try says “free” but it ends up wanting me to pay once im done editing and want to publish the movie. is there ANY stable, free video editing software?

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Windows Movie Maker?

I never really found any decent free editing programs

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windows movie maker is not good at all for what im talking about…it freezes CONSTANTLY and barely allows u to do anything at all, except take video and put them in order. no sound editing, no smooth cuts or control over any effects…im talking about real editing. thanks though, yea windows movie maker sucks lol. sorry bill

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Hence the question mark.
I’d say that the least you should get is Sony Vegas for around $100

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lol, i didnt mean offensively at all. i was just saying that so future answers know what kind of editing im talking about. there HAS to be ONE free editing tool out there! doesnt there? or even just the name of a good windows editing program might help. let me check out sony vegas real quick thanks

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Look here. It seems that there are a few Web-based suites, and that may work for you since you likely have a phat connection through your school.

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cloud computing looks like it is going to be fun.

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You can sometimes get PowerDirector or other video editing software free on a PC magazine so check your shelves at your newsagent. I got an older version free and then ended up upgrading to the deluxe edition. It’s not bad but definitely better than Windows Movie maker.

Movavi have a demo of their video editor which is only $40 to buy if you like it will be bring out an online video editing tool called Starling soon. So far their image editing stuff has been good and free so fingers crossed.

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If worst came to worst you could always “Buy Legally” a copy of a video editing program, i.e. Sony Vegas. There are lots of websites that’ll let you do that, if you catch my drift

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the mac snob in me says that if you are serious about film editing you would have a mac.

the poor college student memories I have tell me either use your schools store to get a discount from adobe or borrow a copy from the newsgroups.

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Jahshaka is a good one. Here. If you’re just doing things like cropping or cutting scenes or whatever, VirtualDub is also decent.

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