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Place to find the Odyssey text online?

Asked by zarnold (695points) October 7th, 2007

I’m looking specifically for a translation by Rodney Merrill. Anywhere I might look for an online text/copy of the book?

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I know if you google odyssey text you can find many e-text versions, but I don’t know how much luck you’ll have finding a specific translation. They should all be very similar though.

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Project Gutenberg has three English translations, two based on Sam Butler’s (probably the translation in mizra’s links):

Rodney Merrill’s translation is still under copyright; you won’t find it online for free. It is published by the University of Michigan Press ($27.95, ISBN: 978–0-472–08854-6). Otherwise, try your local university or public library.

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Yeah—and translations matter! If this is for a class, you should definitely find the translation the rest of the class is using (or the translation your prof is recommending). It will definitely be in the library, especially university libraries.

Personally, I prefer the Richmond Lattimore translation.

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sparknotes usually has original text for books that they have sparknotes for.

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have you tried your library’s NetLibrary site ?

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thanks a lot…you all definitely saved me a lot of time

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by the way… THINK OF YOUR EYES
i can’t imagine trying to read that amount off a computer screen…
it’ll burn your eyes right out of your sockets
(too bad you asked a week ago… i hope you can still read this…)

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thanks…you’re definitely right; I have trouble reading some of my textbooks on a monitor.

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