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What characteristics have you observed to be correlated with penis size?

Asked by girlofscience (7556points) February 9th, 2009

There are a plethora of myths perpetrated about this idea, probably most notably, race and shoe size. In your personal experience, have you observed any correlations? Height? Weight? Demeanor? Do you think there are really any generally determining characteristics?

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I am a tall skinny guy. My penis is the same. Data Point.

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Guys that come on Fluther more then four times a day have a tiny one.

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I thought there was direct correlation between penis size and Fluther lurve score.

Hmmm… what do you think, @johnpowell?

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It took kevbo a long time to link to wikipedia. Small Cock. That must be it.

edit :: I’m kidding, I don’t want to be around when kevbo starts swinging his pipe.

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Like I said before, I’m a grower not a shower.

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Dang wiki! Now I have to measure on top losing another inch GODDAMMIT!

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My personal theory is that penis size is directly related to the size of a man’s car. The larger the car, the smaller the penis.

Someone did tell me once that the distance from the top a man’s middle finger to the bottom of his palm is equal to the size of his penis when it is erect. I’ve never tested the theory though.

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Wikipedia says, “The human penis is both longer and thicker than that of any other primate both in absolute terms and in relative size compared with the rest of the body.”

Dang skippy! And don’t you forget it!

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Take that, monkey!

Also on the rare occasion it comes up, I sometimes enjoy telling people that I’m hung like a goat.

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Same applies for gun-nuts

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kevbo, I gotta say, that Wiki link is wayyyyyyyyyy more than I ever wanted to know about a penis.

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Ha! That’s funny. You can always count on me for TMI.

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I’m well endowed and proud of it.

My pet monkey is very jealous of me.

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Does anyone find it strange that the graph of penis size looks (sort of) like a phallus?


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In my experience, it’s in the gait. Well-hung corresponds with a confident stride, and not looks, height, cars, etc.

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well, my Hummer and loud, bullying manner tell you ladies that i’m hung like a camel. duh. Look, i can snap my fingers at waiters!

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There are no characteristics. That’s the amazing wonder of the penis. You never know until you unzip the pants.

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The bigger his ego, the smaller his cock. Kidding..

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The madam at a brothel hears someone at the door and when she answers a man is sitting there on the ground with no arms and no legs.

He says “I’d like a girl for the day” she looks at him and says “what are you gonna do with her”.

He says “I rang the doorbell didn’t I?”

that man was me

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The bigger the dildo the smaller the dildo’s shwantz is. I married a giant dildo.

All of that said, if you should buy a large dildo it will most definitely live up to it’s hype.

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My god, are you typing with no arms? That is incredible!

Remind me to never share a keyboard with Bri_L.

I think syz meant lqtm → Laughing Quietly to Myself

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Hey, quietly laughing to myself works, too. Right? Doesn’t it? Huh? Huh? Huh?

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Oh, ok. sorry. hehe. Thanks.

Good one Eambos!

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Quite the ladies man?

Edit: Nevermind. My letters are switched around.

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The size of your pickup truck is related directly to the size of your penis. As penis size goes down, automobile size goes up exponentially.

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@Mamradpivo i drive a ford festiva and can please 3 women at once. if only i could get them all in my ford festiva.

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Clearly, the only legitimate way to answer this question is by properly analyzing a large data set. I will gladly design a google spreadsheet to be shared by all if @girlofscience will agree to perform the appropriate statistical analyses. So far the columns that have been suggested are:

fluther visit frequency
fluther lurve score
car size
palm+middle finger length
dildoesque qualities (Sueanne, I am extrapolating from your stated variable—feel free to correct me)

The first four are easily measurable, but I am uncertain of a generally accepted operational definition for the final three. Suggestions?

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Well, as to gait, if he trips over it, it’s big.

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@nikipedia: Of course. Any excuse to do some statistics!

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You’re going to need to measure it both not erect and erect too. As some have said, they’re growers, not showers.
Have some nudie mags and porn on hand.
Or some hot chicks… or dudes if they prefer.

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I’d expect penis length to be inverseley correlated with intelligence, and positively correlated with vagina size.

Seems to me that tongue agility might be another thing to measure.

In any case, no one’s ever complained to me. At least, not about that.

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Ha, my beans may be bigger than my Frank, but Gene Simmons ain’t got squat on me! HA!

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It would actually be interesting to look at skeletal dimensions in comparison. Theoretically (in my brain) I tend to assume the more better a guys blood flows, the larger he is. My ex seriously had just about the most incredible blood pressure and heart rate i’ve ever come across. Whenever he was working out, all the large veins in his arm would stand out incredibly. Whenever he was close, I could see his heartbeat just by looking at his jugular.
He had what I now, depressingly, consider to be the absolute paragon of phalli.

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@delirium, How do you figure skeletal dimensions of an organ that has no bones?

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I meant a person’s skeletal dimensions. Contrary to popular belief, there is such a thing as being ‘big boned’. Measure the width of your wrist, and start comparing it to other people. Measure the width of the skeletal component of your knee, and start comparing it. You’ll begin to notice that there are not only incredibly large differences between people’s skeletal structure, but there are many individuals who have wider bones, or longer bones, and so on and so forth to the extent that no person is even all that similar in terms of their skeleton. We don’t all look the same on the inside. Our insides are as unique (if not more so) than our outsides.

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I have a friend who’s had over 100 male sex partners, and they have told me it’s the tall, skinny guys who have the biggest penises.

Personally, I really don’t know. :P

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@AlenaD uhm. wow. 100 male sex partners. so she’s had female sex partners as well. perhaps you could PM her contact information…. <grabs several bottles of liquor and directions to the nearest free clinic>

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As a heterosexual male I have noticed that guys with a big penis have a big penis and guys with a smaller penis have a smaller penis.

@jonsblond…How many zippers have we checked behind? I am still Jonzilla, uh right?

if you have to use a rhyme or an adage about your dick then you have ‘self esteem’ issues.

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I’ve noticed the lean, muscular guys have bigger penises. The plumper guys have smaller ones.

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how to gain length

Gaining “length”....relates to weight. I’ve seen this before – I forget where, but I’ve heard it’s anywhere from 20–30lbs.

Don’t know…I don’t have a penis! Well….there is my husband’s. ;)

I hate those “big hands, big feet” myth and the other one…something about the distance from the thumb to the middle finger (not sure if that is a myth – it’s just odd, though.)

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Here’s what I do know, see if you can draw any conclusions.

The first time I slept with my wife, we started to get undressed, I took my socks off and she said, “Oh my God, what’s wrong with your feet?” I told her, that when I was a child I had a case of tolio. She looked at my kind of funny, but she took my answer, that was until my pants came off. She pointed to my knees and said, “what happened there?” I informed her that I had once contracted a case of the kneesles. That was a little tougher sell, but finally, we got to the main event. I took off my underwear, and she pipes up, “let me guess….smallcox?”

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@dalepetrie. Very nice. Lurve.

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well, as a tall skinny guy, let’s just say my wife has never complained about what I bring to the party. What do I bring to the party? The jalapeno salsa. what were you expecting me to say?

Penis size isn’t important, what is important is knowing where her most sensitive errogenous zones are.

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@evelyns_pet_zebra No…it’s knowing what to do with those sensitive errogenous zones!

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@robmandu: Say it ain’t so!

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teehee Allie said cock. what a classy broad!

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Right.That is call complexion of male?????

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@eponymoushipster – Notice I left it gender neutral. That was on purpose. No female sex partners, anyway.

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im scottish. judge freely.

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Hmmmm so lets see i have a pretty big lurve score, a small car, big hands, im somewhat tall and damn skinny, and have a confident gait. That must mean i have a giant one right?

…..oh wait a minute, i do :P

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@uberbatman saying you have a “giant one” automatically means you’re packing hampster-style. dig?

evelyns_pet_zebra's avatar

those who brag about penis size are probably hiding something. And yes, knowing what to do with those errogenous zones IS important. But I figured if you could find them, you would know what to do. But there I go, assuming again. You know that there are around six (sometimes more) beyond the three very obvious ones, right?

El_Cadejo's avatar

I hate that when someone actually admit that they are well equipped they’re automatically declared a liar and instead have a tiny penis and on top of that evidently know nothing about sex.

I fuck like a rockstar damnit

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@evelyns_pet_zebra there’s like 9, 10 if you’re from a state or country, whose name ends in the letter “a”.

@uberbatman you know, Pat Boone is a rockstar, right?

El_Cadejo's avatar

ewww pat boone. I was thinking more like this

eponymoushipster's avatar

@uberbatman nope. trent’s actually said he cries whilst “making love”.

El_Cadejo's avatar

ohhh boo mr renzor you have upset me :P

eponymoushipster's avatar

@uberbatman plus, think about it, “nine inch nails”. why not name your band “red late model corvette” or “extra fancy shoes”. it’s obvious he has a complex.

El_Cadejo's avatar

LOL fair enough you win this round. I picked a shit example :P

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I’m embarrassed to admit that I never even thought about that connotation of “Nine Inch Nails”

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@syz Me neither.

ALSO, I feel really bad for that poor little monkey. :(

El_Cadejo's avatar

@eponymoushipster im going to assume shes talking about the monkey in the video for closer :P

eponymoushipster's avatar

@uberbatman oh uh naturally. but i feel like a monkey in a cage some days.

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@evelyns_pet_zebra…The are actually 27 distinct errogenous zones located on the female body.

women aren’t even aware of 2 of them until they’ve been activated and 3 of them require stimulation from a partner’s eyelashes

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@Blondesjon if you count the brain. BORing. <wink>

evelyns_pet_zebra's avatar

@Blondesjon well crikey! I need to get that list, I’m sure my lovely wife would appreciate it. Tell me already!!!! Don’t make me use an overabundance of exclamation points.

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Re: Nine Inch Nails. For those of you not in the know, there is an online magazine dedicated to heavy metal, mostly hair metal bands, but really any heavy music, it’s called Metal Sludge. On their website they have something they call the “world famous penis chart”. Essentially it’s kind of like the Plaster Casters back in the 70s…only with blogs instead of plaster in case you don’t know about the Plaster Casters, they were groupies who took plaster casts of penises after bedding the rock stars attached to them. Anyway, women after bedding a rock star will post notes about how good they are in bed (or not), how big (or not) their penises were, etc.

Here is the word on Trent Reznor:

Trent Reznor / Nine Inch Nails
On a scale of one to 10, Trent is an 8. An average size dick, but a good fuck. He’ll fuck you like an animal. He loves dildos, candles, hot wax, blindfoldes (sic), etc.

So, average size, but knows how to use it, perhaps however average isn’t quite enough for his ego.

In case you want to see the full chart, you can find it here

eponymoushipster's avatar

@dalepetrie yeah, trent has issues. GA though.

dalepetrie's avatar

Well, listen to about 2 seconds of his lyrics and the fact that he has issues pretty much becomes a no brainer. Of course, if he didn’t I’m sure his music would suck, the more tortured the artist, the better their output.

dalepetrie's avatar

I just realized, I’ve actually met 7 of the guys on this list.

and two of them are dead now

Glad I hadn’t read this BEFORE I met them, I can only imagine what would have been going through my head if I had THIS information.

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@evelyns_pet_zebra LURVE

In that same “vein” , trunks

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My opinion..
Men with a small penis are usually fat men.
Men with an average size penis embrace the fact that they’re average, and work harder to please the woman. They are the best sexual partners.
Men with a large penis think they don’t have to do any work, because of how big their penis is. They are wrong. They are usually taller men.
Men with an uncut penis have the biggest egos, think their penis is amazing and brag about it. It feels no different than a cut one, IMO.

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Generally it isn’t that fat men have small penises, it’s that the fat surrounding the base of the penis makes it seem shorter than it is. :-/

Too bad chub wubs.

El_Cadejo's avatar

chub wubs lol4rl

eponymoushipster's avatar

@asmonet chub wub. priceless.

that’s why i focus on exercising my pelvis.

asmonet's avatar

Do you now? Interesting.

I try.

eponymoushipster's avatar

yep. i also focus on kegels.

Blondesjon's avatar

@eponymoushipster…I bet you can crack a walnut with your urethra.

eponymoushipster's avatar

@Blondesjon i bust a nut all the time with that bad boy.

asmonet's avatar

Oh dear god. Thank you for the lol4rls boys. :D

eponymoushipster's avatar

@Blondesjon always, dude, always.

@asmonet <wink>

El_Cadejo's avatar

Yay teamwork for a crappy pun :P lurve for both lol

eponymoushipster's avatar

@uberbatman i strive for excellence.

fireside's avatar


Of course, I only have the testimonial of others about mine to go on.

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I’ve been told by women that men who are suffering from small penis size and crisis in their lives compensate by buying exotic and/or expensive automobiles. Does this hold true in a lot of cases?

As far as me personally, I ride a bicycle and lead the life of Riley so I know I’m satisfied with my package.

dalepetrie's avatar

Re fat men and small penises, as a fat man I plead the fifth. I will however say once you go fat, you never go back. Also, if there were anything to that generalization other than what asmonet said, fat does have more estrogen in it, which hypothetically could cause some effects, though I’d think you’d have to have been fat your whole life (i.e while you were growing).

nocountry2's avatar

I agree with casheroo – the bigger they are, the less they try. And usually awful at foreplay – it’s all about the prize, not savoring the process.

mamabeverley's avatar

@SuperMouse Too funny, we have a dad at school that drives a huge truck with huge tires… I have always thought He was “overcompensating” !}

ratboy's avatar

A fat guy doesn’t know the size of his penis because he can’t see it.

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I really don’t think shoe size or height/weight has anything to do with penis size. But what I DID notice in my ex boyfriend (who was well endowed) was that he walked around with his head held high and this “I’m so hot” attitude like he had a 14 inch penis. His ego was as big as his ding dong. He was also constantly cheating on me. I think he felt like he needed to share his wonderfully enormous monstrosity with as many women as possible. Anyone else noticed this trait in larger men?

travis___'s avatar

I’ve been known to share my gift ;)

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i don’t think physical attributes has anything to do with penis size , i think its just luck of the draw. I as a guy always thought i was on the small side. And i think all men probably do , but are too afraid to admit it, cause how many cocks do we see in real life, but that being said average or small men try harder which is the case for women as well, i have found that chubby women try harder , while the supermodel types just think your lucky for being there and you have to do all the work….

eponymoushipster's avatar

after extensive research, turns out frequenting Q&A websites with a monkey avatar is directly related to abnormally large penis size. go figure.

wundayatta's avatar

I’m not saying anything. ;-)

chicadelplaya's avatar

I’m going to say the size of their fingers and hands. :)

Pandora's avatar

The bigger the d—- the bigger the ass——!

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In my experience, almost everyone who has a larger than average penis is more confident in some regards.

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After 100 plus answers, let’s refresh the question: What characteristics have you observed to be correlated with penis size?

“There are a plethora of myths perpetrated about this idea, probably most notably, race and shoe size. In your personal experience, have you observed any correlations? Height? Weight? Demeanor? Do you think there are really any generally determining characteristics?”

Race? Not sure whether it’s true or not – but I know what you mean. Shoe size: definately a myth. Height? Myth. Weight? Myth.

I got all those.

But what do you mean by demeanor?

dalepetrie's avatar

@zenele – perhaps someone with a larger penis might tend to get “cocky”.

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I have found that heavier men have shorter penises then they would if they were of a healthier weight. There is actual science behind this, I don’t remember where I read this or exactly how it was explained (big help here aren’t I?) but it goes something like this ~ the extra weight pulls the skin up to the pelvic region to compensate for the lack of pliability in the stomach. Contrary to the way women gain weight in the lower abdomen and that is where the pelvis pulls the extra skin down from. If anyone can explain this better please let me know. That being said, I still love my big boys. They are always extra sweet and try hard to please you in bed, which means a lot of cunilingus….whoo hoo.
I don’t think there is any body part that would be indicative of length of the penis unfortunately.

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Size doesn’t matter anymore, that’s why fisting became a fetish…

Moegitto's avatar

small man talking…

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I know this is an old question, but I just stumbled upon it. I’m dead serious but I’ve found a mans nose to give away the size of his penis! It’s not as simple as big nose, big penis. I don’t really know how to explain it but my best friend and I are pretty damn good at this! I’ve seriously considered an independent research survey!

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The smaller the penis the bigger the Hummer.


A man who has a sizable and good looking phallus usually also wears good looking, slick men’s dress shoes. ;)

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For me it’s something about the hands that give a mans penis size away. I can’t really explain it so that others might understand but it seems to me that the men with very strong, uniform fingers (especially the tips) and hands have a good size penis. If the hands/fingers look immature or smooth, feminine (or childish as if they can be on a young persons body) that indicates to me what they may or may not be blessed with. Interestingly enough it has worked for me up until now. I don’t know if my theory is true or if I have just been lucky.

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Once in my younger days I dated a guy that was 6ft 5in tall
and had a very small penis. But to this day he was THE BEST
lover I have ever had. He knew how to use what he had and even
after we broke up we still had sex several times…so size doesn’t
always determine how good the sex will or won’t be.

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Nothing really, except imagination.
In my limited experience, however, aggression (or being “macho”) seems to be linked to testicle size.

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