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What can cause my whole body to ache?

Asked by Allie (17541points) February 9th, 2009

I woke up this morning, took a shower, and started to get dressed when my whole body started to hurt. It hurts down through my torso and arms, but my back and shoulders hurt the most. It also aches when I turn my neck any way.. just the movement hurts.

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You’ve got a crik in your neck.

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@gooch Noooooo! I cannot get the flu right now.

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A stinger (football term)

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Shilolo! Help Allie!!

Sounds like flu to me. Except for the part where it suddenly began to hurt everywhere
AFTER you had a nice hot shower. Hmm..

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Maybe you slept on your neck wrong.

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Cold, flu… I once had some kind of infection that manifested itself through a bunch of boils on my right side, and it hurt to move then. Few days of antibiotics and the skin cleared up and the energy came back, so I can only assume it was an infection, though I never had bloodwork done. Go see your doc if it keeps up.

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I have no medical explanation, but do have a suggestion. If you think you might have the flu you should go to the Dr. immediately. You can get a shot of either Tamiflu or Relenza.
I think for these shots/meds to work well, you have to take them within 48 hours after the symptoms of flu appear. They can reduce the length of time that a fever, aches & other symptoms last. Feel better soon!

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Allie; Did you check you temperature? CDC says that flu may start very suddenly, I’m sad to say.


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It must be pregnancy.

see, now the flu doesn’t sound so bad

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@fireside: Hahahaha, thanks for the laugh. =]

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I warned you about JP; He’s very fertile…

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My first thought was flu, and then I thought you could have a pinched nerve, maybe.

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My first thought was also influenza. Evidently I’m not the only one.

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Glandular Fever, Causes body aches and fatigue. Once again The Flu sounds much nicer than that.

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Allie, as others have suggested, the most likely explanation is a viral illness like influenza. The body aches (or myalgias) are from a surge of cytokines produced by your body as it tries to fight the infection. However, there are other potential causes, though these rarely manifest as acute onset. Flu season on the West Coast has been mild this year, but we are just starting to see cases. I would add that with the neck pain, if it starts to get stiff, or you have a high fever and headache, or a new rash, or are confused, go the ER ASAP.

With respect to bythebay’s recommendations for influenza treatment, I would normally agree except that this year brings disturbing news. The majority of influenza A isolates in the United States are resistant to oseltamavir or Tamiflu, and the CDC recommends using Relenza (zanamavir) instead in suspected cases of flu. In your case, if you have the flu, your best bet might be TLC. I hope you feel better.

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Thanks lolo. I’ll see if rest helps for now, but will definitely keep in mind what you said about my neck and so on. Eek. =] Great Answer!

The “potential causes” link says it might be the cocaine. Maybe I should cut back. (Kidding…)

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If the pain passes in a few minutes or a few hours, you may be experiencing something as simply (though painful) as a back muscle spasm. Unfortunately, these can be triggered by just about anything, just about any time.

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bravo! It’s the waking up and/or the hot shower clues.

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Well, did you sleep bad, or with muscles being used, because I hate when that happenes.

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I often wake up with my whole body aching. It could be a symptome of the flu, or the wrong kind of exercies, or you are getting old, or many other things. You doctor would be the most likely to give you an answer that will help you. Ask him/her.

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I have been suffering with chronic pain for some time. It was finally determined that the only medication that helps is oxycontin 20MG every eight hours. If it becomes too severe, I also use extra strength Rub A 535 which comes in a roll on. I also use therapeutic soni relief. I must take morphine (oxycontin 20MG) every day. As my doctor stated, his main concern is “quality of life”, since I am 78 years of age and suffer from other health problems, as well.

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@eufrasia: Welcome; you have taken my place as the grizzled old lady here. Please hang around.

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I wake up with what feels like muscle spasms every day. It only seems to come on every now and then. For example, I did not have them 2 months ago.

It is driving me crazy!

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