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If my question is up and running for people to observe, can it be Edited in either of the three areas - questions/details/topics?

Asked by onaquest (10points) October 7th, 2007

I don’t see any info. in the guidelines or other areas. I know if I get Flagged > wihich I received recently because of a long question < then I can change things -because – I received an E-mail and with a click, I can go to Edit.

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Currently, there is no editing (except in the case of flagging, as you noted), but it’s a commonly requested feature that we’re planning to implement soon.

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Thanks Ben. . .Now – If I repeat the question in a different format is that an issue? I’m sure Fluther doesn’t want questions repeated again and again but sometimes if it is re-worded it might generate more interest.

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Well, in general, I think you should use your judgment. You’re right that we don’t want unnecessary repetition, so I wouldn’t ask a question a second time with a new wording just to get more attention (especially soon after the first question). On the other hand, you can always ask a new related question if you’re seeking new info.

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