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Where do i find good mortgage rates?

Asked by kbellare (1points) February 9th, 2009
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Start with where you bank. If you currently have a mortgage, and have a good payment history with your lender, you may be able to negotiate a good rate on a refinance.

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In my town, back when I was last looking for a mortgage, the paper used to print all the lowest mortgage rates every Sunday.

I don’t trust national mortgage lenders, like the one that went belly up recently. I prefer banks that don’t resell the mortgages, so they are serviced locally. You’ll get better service that way, and people will work with you if you get into trouble. Also, national lenders make up for low rates with killer fees. These catch the unwary. Look at all the fees when comparing rates.

I’m not sure it’s worth paying points for a lower rate. It depends on how long you hold your loan before refinancing.

Anyway, I’d look for a local bank with a good reputation and decent rates. They don’t have to be the lowest rates. The lowest rates usually aren’t the lowest rates when you find out all the other stuff you have to pay. My paper calculated that when comparing mortgages.

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