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Good ideas for an image?

Asked by fortris (677points) February 9th, 2009

Anyone have a ffunny idea for an image blend. I need to turn in something for my graphic design class and the only requirements are blending two images together, and setting your own tone (I chose funny/silly of course) so does anyone have somee ideas? (please provide the pictures you want to merge, for example, a cat throwing the death star. SEE HOW LAME MINE ARE?)

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Depending on your skill you could try to put something modern in an old setting. Perhaps a WWII seen with someone using a modern gadget like a Wii remote etc.

You could also parody a commercial by making an ironic ad for something. Get some inspiration at worth 1000 they have daily contests for just this sort of thing and you can see what others have done.
This starwars mixed with Renoir contest is a good example

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Have you perhaps thought of using a more technical approach? For example taking a double exposure photograph would be a blend.. It doesn’t always have to be done inside the computer to start with.

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There was a great set of blends on a while ago. Wartime pictures of Lenningrad with dead bodies etc, blended with current day pictures of the same street with people waiting for buses.

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@meemorize The point is to blend two pictures, so that don’t fly.

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just a figurative idea?.. well.. how about coiled human bodies inside the bubbles of a soda, or beer.. (not funny, I know.. that’s not my style…)
funny: add the bubbling beverage onto the bottom of something’s mouth, with ’ burp written aside.
I don’t know.

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