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I am under immense pressure to perform. Any suggestions?

Asked by johnprince (1points) February 9th, 2009

I am in sales management. I have tried many prospecting tools. But the results are very bad. I am under immense pressure to perform. Any suggestions?

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Welcome to the collective. That sounds horrible. It is one of the reason I never went into sales. While these are career-challenging times, are you sure you want to stay in sales?

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I’m actually in Marketing as well (for the time being). I really recommend reading two awesome books that my boss gave me:

How To Become A Rainmaker


How To Become A Marketing Superstar

Good luck!

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@Marina – Thank you! <3

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I really thought this was a sex question before I clicked.

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@asmonet: and was disappointed when it wasn’t?

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A bit. :’(

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Google.. best thing in the world type: “managing director” ”(name of company)” “mob”

and see what you get. You wouldnt be in sales if you didnt enjoy the stress im in it too.. your first steps towards success are stop fluthering and looking for answers when all you really need to do is pick up the phone :) and secondly concentrate on your motivation and tenacity.. identifying the stress proves to you that you are not doing what you should be doing ( i do the same).

Stand on your feet, pick the phone up and call that prospect that your currently thinking wont do business with you.

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