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What's the softest material?

Asked by Sakata (3332points) February 9th, 2009

Whether it’s going to be used for headphone pads, sheets/blankets, or an entire bean-bag couch, what material is the softest you can find in the world?

Suede leather?
Ethiopian hair sheep?
Egyptian cotton?
Indian silk?
Trailer park spandex?

Unfortunately I’m not allowing anything from this list as an answer.

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Cotton candy?

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Micro-fleece. Best. Thing. Ever.

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There are different types of soft, but besides actual silk threads (before threaded) I think milk fibers (yes, like from that white stuff you drink with cookies or cereal) are really soft, as well. I had a professor pass some of that stuff around in class one day, heh.

And bamboo cloth is surprising soft, too. It’s amazing what they come up with these days…

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@Introverted_Leo “It’s amazing what they come up with these days…” You’re not kidding

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Yeah, crazy stuff.

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velvet….. awwww….. velvet.

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Succulent female breast I can bury my face .

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A chinchilla – preferably alive. Also, they are very cute.

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100% cashmere.

And apparently this?

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@KrystaElyse Ugh! and now I totally want to feel that :)

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@augustlan Me too, but pre-slime stage.
“Excuse me Mr. Cow, but may I fondle your nut sac?” Hmm…

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@augustlan – Hehehe, I know right! I never would have thought…

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Real cotton balls.
Little white fluffy orgasms in a bag.

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@krystaelyse Curiosity strikes… but i dont think i could bring myself to fondle a cow’s nuts… no matter how fluffy….

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Panda fur.

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Brain matter.

i run into it…alot.

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@Krysta: Lurve for mentioning Ree. I read her site daily.

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somehow, those ridiculously priced shirts they sell at abercrombie.
i went with a friend the other day and i was amazed. why don’t my shirts feel like that?

maybe it’s because i won’t spend $40 on a plain white tank top because i’d feel like a jackass

ps i think i’m going to get addicted to reading pioneer woman’s blog. it looks so interesting!

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@tiffy: you’ll love her. It’s addicting. truly. And don’t even go into her recipe section if you value your waistline. YIKES. But sooooo good.

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Oh, what the hell, I’m just gonna go ahead & say it: labia.
There, I said it.
Labia, labia, labia. L-A-B-I-A. LABIA!!!

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@poofandmook – I just started reading her site! I lurve it!

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@poofandmook, too late. that was like the 2nd place i headed. i didn’t get too far into it yet though, so maybe there’s still a chance to turn back :p
the photos she takes are incredible, i am in love.

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@tiffy/Krysta: She’s hilarious too! Read the “Black Heels to Tractor Wheels” story… the whole thing… not only will you fall in love with her husband, lol.. but you’ll relate to almost everything she says. She’s so self depricating and she vocalizes everything women think about themselves but will never say outloud… only she jokes about it and makes it funny.

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Shoot, I was going to put something anus related, but it was aginst your rules because it was on the soft-o-meter. Hm…maybe this blanket I have. Or maybe my cheeks. They are really soft. But acne has not kicked in yet

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silk, microfibre, egyptian cotton?
@90s kid have you not hit puberty yet? Is that why you dont have acne? how old are you?

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@desiree333: He’s never gonna answer you, he got banned. And judging from his picture, I don’t think he really had yet.

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sorry 2 burst all ur bubbles… but i’ve felt all those things… and there’s still something softer… & i’ve never felt anything more soft than 100% pure qiviut and yes it’s softer than cashmere which is th 2nd softest thing mentioned on here… actually the chinchilla is prty close 2 cashmere, and may be softer… sorry i forgot about u cute little chinchilla

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microfiber or microfleece

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