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Does a device exist to jam alarm, radio and other signals?

Asked by antimatter (4392points) February 10th, 2009

I saw the movie gone in 60 seconds and I saw a device that can jam alarm or radio signals

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Planning on breaking into somewhere?? :)

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Yes, it does exist.

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Radio jammers exist. There is also special paint you can get that can keep wi-fi or other radio signals in or out. So if you have a wi-fi network at home but don’t want your neighbours of someone on the street to try to access it the paint will stop the signal getting out and it will stop interefering signals getting in. I think some art galleries/churches use it to stop people using cell phones in their buildings.

Radio/Signal jammers usually just fill the frequency with noise so that communication on that channel/frequency is not possible. They are usually indiscriminant and so it blocks everything in the set range rather than targetting a specific source.

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I made a hat out of aluminum foil and duct tape. It blocks most of the signals I get from space. The key is the duct tape.

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@Mr_M – it doesn’t seem to block out the voices in my head though :(

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Are you using enough duct tape? Don’t go stingy on the duct tape.

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Ah that’s better – you have to make sure you cover down to the eyebrows. Also had to wrap the TV in silver foil and duct tape (that’s how they get in).

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Ah! The TV ones! I HATE those! Sometimes I get those, too!

And pull the tape over your ears.

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What was that – can’t hear you anymore. Ears are taped and so is my computer monitor.

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Hopefully you can READ this…

Whatever you do, NEVER turn on Martha Stewart. They LOVE to come in during Martha Stewart!! (She’s one of them, you know!)

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