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Family Reunion Locations in San Francisco Bay Area?

Asked by Pietro (65points) October 7th, 2007

I would like to find a family reunion site with lodging and dining/kitchen facilities for 150 people surrounded by the beautiful great outdoors. Any ideas?

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Every year my office holds a work-retreat at Stinson Beach…you can rent houses there that sleep up to 15 people each. Our retreats are for about 50 people. If you book far enough in advance it may be possible to rent enough accomodations in the area for that many people…it is absolutely beautiful, and each house has a full kitchen. You could cook or bring in caterers. however, I would not recommend this for the summer months—it will be exremely expensive and hard to book. The most affordable time would be during hte off season, and mid-week, not a weekend (which is why I didn’t suggest thes same location to Zina, who is looking for a a place for her summer wedding)—perhaps December or January, as long as it isn’t the Christmas-NewYears week. I think the company that rents the houses is called Highway 1 Realty. Hope this helps!

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