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What are the best ways to search for last-minute flights?

Asked by zina (1650points) February 10th, 2009

I know about, and searching southwest separately.
Sidestep (seems like the same folks at Kayak?)

What am I missing? I’m particularly interested in not just cheap airlines/search engines but LAST-MINUTE deals.


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I normally go to

But I think you’ll see a common theme among all those sites, they’re usually the same prices. I only go to Priceline because Shatner does their commercials and I find him funny, and he was Captain Kirk.

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Maybe try

I’m not sure about the whole last-minute thing, because I don’t know if you’re talking something like today or tomorrow, but it’s worth a shot.

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Also, try and book flights mid week instead of the weekends. Traveling during the weekend will increase the price of your trip.

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cheapoair has some good deals! thanks!

(although i will note that the prices didn’t include some hefty ($80) “taxes and fees”)

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Sign up with a few frequent flier programs. US Air sends me a weekly “last minute deals” email full of deals leaving my home-airport.

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Honestly, I find that you can get direct flights the same price or a few dollars cheaper than any of the sites listed above.
I just bought a ticket from sfo to pdx this morning, and found the only cheaper flights would either send me to Vegas or Seattle first. For such a short flight I would rather pay the extra 50 bucks and go direct.
Your best bet is to check multiple sources, and then choose from there. You never will find a one stop solution for the best price.

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Couple of suggestions up above I’ve tried and like such as LastMinuteTravel, also Delta has a last minute get-away program (as Im sure so do other airlines. One of my all time fav is ( a consumer advocate) he has a travel section as well as a lot of other good advise.good luck.

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Oops, I meant to say that you can get slightly cheaper direct flights from the airline.

Emdean1's avatar you can get weekly emails on Wednesday of the top 20 last minute deals. I have used it many times

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Try Travelocity or use airlines direct websites like BAA

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