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Would you buy any of Charles Mansons Artwork?

Asked by emmaroid (73points) February 10th, 2009
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Under no circumstances. I also will not read books by Anne Perry, a convicted murderer.

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Hell fucking no, never. I wouldn’t buy any of his artwork even if someone paid me to.

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if the price is right

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@steve6 Not even if the art is good, but you would buy anything if the price was right?

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if I could turn it wait a minute, you said anything. I thought we were talking about Manson trash. I wouldn’t turn just anything.

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No, as I would never buy art from one of his follows that participated in the murders. No way.

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Would you buy Hitler’s journal?

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Would you cross the Hoover Dam?
A place of numerous deaths.

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@emmaroid Haha…did you just liken the Hoover Dam to Charles Manson?

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My dad was in the Air Force in Germany during the Korean and Viet Nam Wars. While there he picked up artifacts from WWII. I would buy those if I didn’t already have them.

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A taste for the macabre

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. o O ( What if you crossed the Hoover Dam with Charles Manson ).

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Charles Hoover Damson

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If I buy his art, where does the money go? Does it buy him more cigarettes in jail? Fund another cult? I guess that question would need to be answered first. If the art was good or could be resold at a profit, I probably would as long as I could reasonably assume I was not helping to fund another string of murders. Yoko Ono’s art, on the other hand, NEVER. She murdered the Beatles.

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The money goes in my pocket

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Were you planning on using it for heinous crimes?

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Does Charles have some hold on you if you buy some?

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@Thegary , Don’t use pronouns without antecedents. What is “it”?

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@steve6 The antecedent does not need to be in the same sentence. It was in your response “The money goes in my pocket”. Therefore, this is proper use of an anaphor. I thought this was about Charles Manson’s artwork? How did it become an English lesson?

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I didn’t know if you meant use the artwork or what. Yes, it has to be in the same paragraph.

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HAY-ell NAW! Hateful bastard. I wish the media would stop interviewing him, too.

And I didn’t know about Anne Perry until Heavenly Creatures came out.

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sure, but i wouldnt pay more than $20

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you could sell one piece on ebay for 1300 US, minimum

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That would be an unequivocal ‘no’ on buying the Manson artwork. If I did, I’d just feel uncomfortable and dirty. He is a murderer and psychopath after all.

I’m wondering too why the Department of Corrections lets inmates sell their wares for profit. Shouldn’t they only be allowed to earn their 25 cents an hour through prison labor?

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No. Never.

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Some states have laws preventing convicts from profiting from their crimes but art is a grey area.

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Not even if the proceeds went to the victims families. I wouldn’t want Charles Manson or any other murderer to have any pleasures in life.

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He made artwork???

I would buy it to burn it though :)

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Technically, Charles Manson didn’t kill anyone, he was charged with conspiracy to commit murder.

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@cheebdragon. Technically you are correct. Realistically, he is a demented, evil, sinister, dangerous, unpredictable, heinous, unforgiving, despicable excuse for a human being.

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I personally wouldn’t buy any, Charles Manson scares the crap outta me, I wouldn’t want any of his bad mojo hanging around in my house! But, if someone else wanted to buy it, that’s their business.

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