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What are some easter eggs you've found on Google?

Asked by omfgTALIjustIMDu (7673points) February 10th, 2009

I just discovered (thanks to that if you go to and type in “i am extremely” the last autofill is quite random and amusing.

Are there any other things like this that you know about?

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That’s fucking hilarious.

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typing google easter eggs into google used to bring up a game, but that doesn’t work anymore.

i think this one is funny (via this site):

Something Spooky Just After 3 A.M.

You could take the high road (or the low road) to Scotland’s Loch Ness in hopes of spotting the elusive Nessie, the legendary monster said to reside there. But if you’d rather do your mythic beastie viewing at home in the wee hours of the morning, set your alarm to 3:14 a.m. and your browser to the Beach themed iGoogle page. At precisely that o’clock each day, Nessie surfaces for 60 seconds, then takes a deep breath and dives back under the dark loch’s surface. Why that time of the morning? Well, according to programmer’s lore, Google developers did it to pay homage to the mathematical quantity pi. Other iGoogle pages using themes have spooky Easter eggs of their own. In the Seasonal Scape, the Northern Lights also appear at 3:14 a.m. Look for UFOs to descend on the City Scape. A monster appears in Spring Scape; and in the Tea House theme, ghostlike fox spirits (well known in Japanese folklore) appear and disappear in the mist of the lake as the fox sleeps.

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search “google l33t” and hit im feeling lucky
search “find chuck norris” and hit im feeling lucky

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@Allie chuck norris. nice. wait, does he know i was looking for him now?

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Booo.. It used to be that if you zoomed all the way in on it showed the surface of the moon as cheese.

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I am extremely… “terrified of chinese people”

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Search “french military victories” and hit I’m feeling lucky.

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search “once in a blue moon” and hit the regular search.. see what calculator brings up just odd
search “your mom” then hit im feeling lucky

also, it can be kind of funny to type in ”(your name here) needs” and then do a regular search. some of mine were quite hilarious.
allie needs a nice home? allie needs help getting her pants off? allie needs a boyfriend? allie needs a freaking cupcake?

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@Allie, LMAO apparently I need:
more than just a rat trap for this vermin
your help
anger management
a lynching mob
new clothes

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I love querying the auto-fill in, just to see what people ask Google.

Try all types of leading sentences and enjoy the answers that come back: “I am”, “I am not”, “I want to be”, “Why is”, “Why are people”, etc.

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@Allie, Those were awesome! Apparently Tali doesn’t need anything.

@Mtl_zack, Hahahaha. That’s great.

@dynamicduo, “I want…a hippopotamus for Christmas.”

lol4rl, thanks guys

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Apparently I need a job

googleions's avatar hidden easter eggs hunt ,this is an official website for easter eggs search

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Old topic, I know, but my favorites aren’t here.

enter New York to Japan in Google maps (check out steps 30 and 46)

With “I’m feeling lucky” enter:
Google gothic
Google Pirate
Google Klingon
Google Elmer
Google Bork
google l33t
Google Pig latin

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