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Who performed the solo in Metallica's Unforgiven III?

Asked by archaeopteryx (873points) February 11th, 2009

Because, honestly. That solo never stops driving me insane. I consider it one of the best solos I’ve ever heard.. =_=

(NOTE: This question might be a bit silly, I know. But I usually don’t care much about the band itself as long as their music is good. But this time is an exception.)

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Kirk Hammett does all of Metallica’s solos, as he is their lead guitarist.

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NO kirk does not do ALL there solos James shares the role.But he only started that during the and justic for all… album he also now plays the first solo on master of puppets on the record

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he always played the 1st solo in MOP so ignore that minor glitch i left up there was supposed to read
the and justice for all…. album, he also plays the 1st solo for MOP

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