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What does Lil' Bill O'Reilly say here?

Asked by archaeopteryx (873points) February 11th, 2009

What does Lil’ Bill O’Reilly say at 00:38?

“And when you leave it, take the <???> with you!!”

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Isn’t that child abuse?

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He said, ”...take the queers with you.”

He strikes me a somewhat angry child.

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The problem is actually bigger than that.
Lot’s of famous comedians use kids, in their shows and make them say cuss words too.

And by famous comedians I mean people like Carlos Mencia.
What makes it even worse is that large companies like Comedy Central also see no problem in publishing those things.. ><

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sad :-(

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But they will have money to comfor them so everything works out in the end ;)

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