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What is there to do in Austin?

Asked by spywacko (324points) February 11th, 2009

I’m going to be in Austin in the middle of March for SXSW. I have four free days at the end of the trip to explore the city. Any recommendations?

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The music scene, especially the blues. The river, the restaurants.

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I love Austin! It’s one of my favorite cities I’ve ever gotten to visit. I recommend the downtown area, right near the capital. It’s very easy to walk around in, with wide sidewalks and beautiful views.

As far as specifics, I enjoyed the Mexic-Arte Museum a lot. I also found their gift shop to be a treasure trove of very reasonably-priced suitcase-stuffers I still use and admire today. Of course I have quite eclectic tastes, and I’m sure Mexican Art isn’t for everyone, but there are a lot of museums and other tourist attractions within walking distance of the capital.

I also recommend Roy’s (“Roy” himself was on Iron Chef America, swoon). It’s Hawaiian food – authentic, not just throw a pineapple on something, and call it “island flavor”. It was a bit pricey but absolutely delicious.

Have fun!! I’m jealous of you!

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Ummm, hang with Ben & Andrew who will be partying down in celebration of their big win at SXSW!

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If it’s your first visit to Austin, check out the bats one night. (ask anyone, they’ll tell you where to go)
Of course live music, (6th st is famous the world over) although during SXSW it’s sometimes hard to get in places.
Barbecue: Iron Works for beef ribs, Salt lick for everything else
If the weather is nice go to Barton Springs or Hippie Hollow for sunbathing and swimming.
And say hi to my folks for me.

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I have not been to Austin, but I know that the University of Texas at Austin houses the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center.
It contains a variety of gardens and trails featuring native Texas wildflowers. After you have partied yourself out you might want something more serene, inspiring and educational.

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Go out downtown and find this guy.

Beard + bare midriff + cheerleader outfit + smoking + world liquor == AWESOME!

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Catch a Bob Schneider show.

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@robmandu that’s Leslie, he ran for mayor and that’s one of his less revealing outfits… you should see the man work a leopard print thong and some heels.

He’s practically a city landmark… although I’m sure some would rather he left… he used to have this awesome tricycle he rode around with a sign on the back proclaiming whatever his current cause of the time was.

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@funkdaddy, I took that particular pic myself the day before a race last spring. Glad to have a name to go with the face. Thx!

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Bike or hike the greenbelt. Get out of town to bbq in Lockhart or go to Hamilton Pool and the Salt Lick. In town watch something at the Alamo Drafthouse and wander south congress and south Lamar.

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Roy’s is a chain, so it’s not the best rep of Austin food. Austin is very “local-centric” as evidenced by the fact that the airport has only local restaurants represented; no Chili’s or TGIFridays, etc. Austin is one of the most-active, social towns in the nation. Strangers love to talk to you, so ask around when you are there. You might find out about a great little theatre or restaurant from their advice. And, I highly recommend seeing a movie at the Alamo Drafthouse. Yes, it’s a movie theatre that shows normal movies (well, and some very abnormal ones too) but there is a reason they were voted #1 movie theatre in the country by Entertainment Weekly.

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Go to Sixth Street for the music and crazies and Barton Springs. And don’t go out near 5pm. Seeing the bats might be fun? Just go anywhere, really, to eat great food. I met Whitley Schreiber, author of Communion and The Secret School at some cool bookstore. He autographed my SSchool book after a short talk. It’s a cool town (in one sense of the word only).

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