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What is a good auto GPS in the $300 - $400 price range?

Asked by Baloo72 (702points) February 11th, 2009

I am looking for an auto GPS and need some information. I was going to buy the Magellan Maestro 4350 (it was on sale for $299) but my friend said that he hated his old Magellan because it always used weird routes (so I didn’t buy it). I have been able to find a good deal of information on the quantitative data comparing the Magellan Maestro 4350, Maestro 4370, Garmin Nuvi 500, Nuvi 550, and Nuvi 750. I used a Nuvi (I don’t remember which model) when I borrowed one from my grandparents. I thought that the Nuvi sent me through weird routes too. Anyone have any complaints and/or praises about either model? Any suggestions of other models?

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I dont know about the more expensive models, but i have a garmin nuvi 200. Personally i love it and i find it has a lot of cool features in there. It does however sometimes take me on weird routes, not as much as my girlfriends tom tom did, but still a bit. Personally i dont really mind because it always gets me where im going.

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I love my Tomtom, it has a setting where you can select
1. scenic route
2. Fastest route
3. closest route
4. avoid interstates
5. avoid heavy traffic

I never get weird routes unless I set it to scenic

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@DrBill start using your tomtom to direct you to places you already know how to get there. Once we did that with my girlfriends we started realizing how ass backwards some of the directions were.

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I do that often, just to play, it is perfectly accurate.

The only error I have found is sometimes it will tell me it is on the wrong side of the road, but always get me right in front of my destination.

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I have one of the Nuvi’s and the feature i like is it tells the approximate time of arrival. this helps alleviate anxiety when i’m running late, at least i’ll know how late i’ll be and i just deal with it, it’s not an unknown.

it’s amazing when you think of the technology that we take for granted. it’s amazing when you think just a few years ago these things did not exist for the average person.

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@DrBill hmmm you must have a better model than she had

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I don’t know what she had, but I love mine, and would buy another in an instant.

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the garmin 750 is amazing. just have it set to fastest trip. make it the default.

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