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Today my husband bought GNC products, one is Wheybolic Extreme 60, and the other is 100% Whey Protein, can he drink them both the same day?

Asked by 2late2be (2286points) February 11th, 2009

Can i drink both the same day? or are they dangerous for my health? i want them to build muscle

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This is a question that should be posed to your doctor.

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If you’re going to overload on protein like that, make sure that you drink copious amounts of water to avoid kidney issues.

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your body is probably not used to metabolizing that much protein so most of it will just be excreted in your urine. the best way to increase protein uptake is to supplement the protein intake with amino acids. these amino acids help the body to metabolize protein. if youre taking a ton of protein without them the benefit will be minimal and youll just be wasting money. that stuff is pricey. ask the guy at gnc for the proper amino acids to help with protein metabolism.

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