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Acne as a result of weight lifting?

Asked by mirifique (1540points) February 11th, 2009

I’ve read that increased testosterone levels can cause acne. I started weight training 2 weeks ago and literally the day after I started getting breakouts, which rarely happens to me. There seem to be various theories: nutrition, increased stress, etc, but really nothing else has changed. So I’m pretty confident about the causation, but don’t want to give up weight lifting. Has anyone else had this problem and found a remedy that enabled them to continue lifting?

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The only time I’ve heard about acne related to weight lifting was when people used steroids and it made them break out. I’m certainly not inferring that you use those. It’s only what I’ve heard.

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I see they haven’t dropped the cone of silence over you completely :)

Are you showering directly before or after workouts? Not that I’m accusing you of being unhygienic, but for me it’s always been a case of making sure I wash thoroughly after exercise, or the next day is an acne nightmare.

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@Foolaholic. So far so good. And your explanation about the acne/hygiene/showering sounds very logical to me.

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@Foolaholic: Yes, I shower directly after every workout.

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If you broke out 1 day after your first workout it is likely not hormone related. At your first workout, you would at max. get a little spike in your levels, not the constant, anabolic state elevated levels consistent workouts achieve.

I don’t know, when I used to go to “public” gyms like Bally’s or so, I had skin problems and breakouts, dunno, all that sweat of many different people. Ever since I go to a private gym where machines are diligently sanitized I never had a problem.

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I’ll add to what others are saying about hygiene…
Bring a CLEAN towel with you every time you work out, and wipe your face only with the towel. Do not touch your face with your hands! Keep anti-acne face wipes in your gym bag (they make individually wrapped ones). If you put the towel on the equipment, use one side for that and let the other side only touch your face.

If the gym provides wipes like mine does, wipe the equipment before and after you use it. There are increasing reports of infectious diseases being transmitted at gyms, so be sure to cover any cuts and sores, too.

Also clean off your cell and other phones regularly, and anything else that touches your face.

Drink lots of water, and cut back on caffeine, as your body requires lots of hydration to flush toxins, and working out increases your need.

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When you shower after working out use a face cleanser with either salicylic acid or glycolic acid. I am not at my own computer so I don’t have spell check, I hope I got those right! That will keep the breakouts down.

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Everyone else pretty much covered what you need to know. Just try to be as clean as you can while working out. And use face wash when you take a shower. Your acne should get better unless you’re juicing…good luck.

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Not to my knowledge. In fact, when i work out more often i see a clearer skin. Make sure you wipe your face with clean towels and dont touch your face. Hands off your face, have a good diet, enough sleep, and good hygiene. As for stress, when i work out, its a natural release of endorophins and it relieves stress.,

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I would wager that it’s a steroid side effect.

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i disagree that it is only from steroids. i dont juice and i had the same problem!! Get wipes and keep from touching your face and it should help.

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