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Do you judge people on Fluther based on the amount of lurve they have?

Asked by Sakata (3332points) February 11th, 2009

Let’s say you got into a debate with someone (common occurrence) in a thread. Would your reaction to their opinion differ if they had 30* as opposed to them having 6000*?

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Not really, I see lurve handed out around here like free candy :)

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Nope.. I have a lot and consider myself amazingly bad at debate.

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I would say yes. Not because I expect them to necessarily give better advice, but because they have a better idea of how things ‘round here work, and they have a better idea of what kind of responses people are looking for.

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No. Lurve ≠ Superior thought processes or relevant insight into question.

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Yes, always. Lots of lurve = better flutherer, and all around better person.

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I think some people spend an unhealthy amount of time on fluther when I see they have acquired 12000 lurve points in 3 months. I know I spend to much time on here and some of you folks I know you really do.

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Also, I am always interested in some free lurve candy. Especially the caramels.

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I would never judge someone based on their amount of lurve or anything else for that matter. I don’t have any right to judge someone, period. I would instead perceive that they consistently give great answers and had earned the lurve that they currently possessed.

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To clarify, I’m not trying to be prejudice against newbies. love those little guys. I just assume that, if someone has more lurve than myself, its for a good reason.

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I judge people by what they contribute.

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I judge people based on the amount of curve they have

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Not exactly. Sometimes if someone’s being a jerk, I’ll look at their lurve score to see if it’s particularly low. Then I know they’re either a habitual turd or are too new to know how things work around here. But that’s about it.

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@MacBean Or you could check how long they have fluthered and find they are only potential, rather than habitual, turds.

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I usually recognize folks with over, say, 2000 lurve. Over hundreds or thousands of posts, I have come to have a feeling about each of those regular Flutherers, and I bring that prejudice into how I read what they write. (Don’t we all do that, in some fashion?)

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@galileogirl My connection is too slow and I’m too lazy to check the dates that people joined. :D

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I just think they have either been here a long time or else have a lot of time on their hands and spend a lot of it on their puters.

I base my opinions of people on how they answer, not necessarily whether they agree with me or not but rather how they present their position. There are very few questions that have an absolutely right or an absolutely incorrect answer, but there are lots of folks in this world who think in those black and white terms.

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Yes, lurve is life. Lurve is also a ranking system. Lurve is all that matters.

No. If anything, I judge people by what they post.

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@loser. You sound very decisive. :o)

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@galileogirl…I dream of a day when all turds may realize their potential…

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Yes I do.It is time to spend with seeking the unanswered questions.

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@MacBean “habitual turd” —- bwahahahahaha!!! (have you met my ex??)

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I try not to judge anyone.

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No, I don’t. Lurve is given for so many different reason by other members, how can you use lurve to really judge a person? It’s what they have to say, not their lurve.

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Nope, I judge people based on the quality of their thinking. I just added someone to my fluther yesterday who had less than 100 lurve, because I could tell, based on one post, that she was a seriously intelligent person.

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I judge by the quality of the answer. I have noticed if someone has over 11000 you are more likly to get a smartass non-answer than from newbees.

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I don’t, but I have a feeling many of the people who say they don’t actually do…

I judge people by how kind their answer is. If some one writes an answer that is rude and mean, I will automatically look down upon them, regardless of lurve points.

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I pay no attention to how much lurve someone has, nor do I even know the amount I have.

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Lurve is like money or intelligence, I don’t judge people by how much they have, but on how they interact with others. Some people on here with lots of lurve (sometimes) seem really fucking stupid, but I give them the benefit of the doubt, figuring they are just having a bad day. Of course, newbies are more likely to put out a quick, not well thought out answer, but hey, I was a newbie once (got labeled an asshole) and have worked at trying to remedy that. The more lurve you get, the higher your score goes (who’s fucking stupid now? ha ha) Even turds can change, as the manure I put on my garden makes pretty and sweet smelling flowers later on. There’s hope for everyone, even the turdy newbie assholes with no lurve at all.

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In some ways, yes. Similar to MacBean if someone is misbehaving, I usually check their Lurve. If they have a low amount, I might post gentle correction or something. If they have a super high amount, I might assume they are joking around with someone and not misbehaving per se.

I use it as kind of a yard stick for what behavior is likely to mean.

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I agree with MacBean.

There are people with a ton of lurve I could do without seeing in questions I ask because I rarely agree with their posts/tactics, and then there are people with a ton of lurve I hope will respond. So, no. I used to when I started here, though. I learned very quickly that you could have a mess of lurve and still be a total jerk.

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@Mr_M. Dude, if you’d take your eyes off the boobs and take a look at the gams, you might notice how much lurve you’ve got. It’s right below you!

Damn Monkeys—always with their heads in the trees



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@daloon You’re British aren’t you?

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Daloon, shows you how much I don’t care about lurve! Just the same, lurve for you!!!

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@Mr_M and for you, too!

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Thanks. Now please get your a$$ out of my face.

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When you stop smoking.

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No. Not at all.

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@daloon Should you be doing that while Mr_M is smoking? EEYOW!

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@galileogirl – no worries, nearly 71% is covered by water.

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@Mr_M How do you know that’s ass? Maybe it’s boob cleavage!!

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I notice the lurve, but I don’t assume it mean that I will laugh when I ready their post.
And that’s what it’s all about when you get down to it.

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@scamp, it’s a$$. I know from Askville.

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I infer what it is based on the filename: ass.jpg

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@Mr_M I know.. I was just joking. I sent him a private comment when he first came here about it. I saw this online game called butt or boobs where they had close ups and you had to guess which was which. Pretty silly, but hard to guess sometimes!

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Sounds like MY kinda game!!!

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Lurve = popular in the Fluther. So I guess my answer is no.

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No I don’t even look at their lurve score.

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I don’t have much lurve since I am new around but that doesn’t make me less inteligent than people who were around for a while so I don’t think it would make sense judging anyone by the amount of lurve they have.

Remember that we all had zero lurves once, and we are still the same person.

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