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What are you features in my Mac that I'm not aware of?

Asked by simone54 (7624points) February 11th, 2009

I just got it… I must be missing one or two cool things.

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Target disk mode is cool. It means that you can connect 2 Macs together via Firewire and one computer sees the other as a hard disk, making it great for transferring large files or large numbers of files. To use this connect the 2 machines via Firewire and start up the ‘disk’ Mac while holding down the ‘T’ key and it will show up like a Firewire drive on the other Mac.

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I don’t know what features you are aware of, so it’s a bit hard to suggest useful stuff. I’m assuming it’s a laptop you’ve got since you asked a battery question alongside..

Hold the control key while dragging two fingers upwards to make the screen zoom in.

Download Liquid app and show off the motion sensors.

Learn to love the services menu. Assuming you’re in Safari, select some text, click ‘Safari’ up in the menu bar, then go into services > speech > start speaking text.

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Thank you.

I was aware of the liquid app but didn’t know where to find it.

I didn’t know about the speech thing. Is there away to use it in firefox?

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Yeah, the speech thing is system-wide. Should work in any program.

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Nice, I just got it read that.

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