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Which mapping website do you use or develop with?

Asked by kullervo (785points) February 12th, 2009

When I saw this article I couldn’t believe MapQuest still get more traffic than GoogleMaps. I’ve messed around doing Yahoo and Google map mashups and although the Yahoo API was easier to work with there were too many restrictions so ended up with Google maps. What map site do you use for personal use and which if any do you do mashup’s or development with?

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I prefer Google and I don’t know what mashups are, nor am I a developer.

What do you do with mashups? What kind of development do you do?

I do use ArcGIS, which is a real mapping program.

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Google maps for me (both for personal use & mashups). Never even heard of MapQuest! (but I guess it’s more a US thing).

@daloon: Mashup

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I don’t develop, but i use You can sync up points in a Google Docs spreadsheet to a Google Map and do all kinds of fun stuff.

As for MapQuest getting more hits, that doesn’t surprise me, because plenty of people don’t know Google Maps exists! I teach a Google Maps and Google Earth class, and most don’t know it’s there – for most, “The Google” is for searching and that’s all they know.

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Google Maps every time.

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Just throwing this out there for people that might be interested: OpenStreetMap.

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Google Maps for simple stuff and am learning GRASS.

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